Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOY'B 2010

Ok i forgot to post about this. my friends Asuka and Nyann will be holding individual booths at SOY'B!

Asuka will be selling her original works, postcards and some Valentine Day minis, and Nyann will be offering mostly craftbooks, mangas and even a lucky draw XD

please go down and lend them your support! i will be helping out at Asuka's booth, feel free to drop by and say hi to us! (no i won't be offering any of my works, just going there as an extra pair of hands ^ ^ )

kk let me sort out my stuff ok, i promise, next post will be the giveaway post :X :X :X


  1. lol? myself? HA! i went as Asuka's booth helper ^ ^ kaypoh-extraordinaire!

  2. Kaypoh-extraordinaire? How enchanting! Did she wear a mole on the left lip? With a lacy fan and sexy qi-bao?

    Seriously, I think a kaypoh-extraordinaire is a great name for an anime character from Singapore. Let's make her very sexy with long tumbling locks (blue) with very short skirt and corset top ! She must have a pet too. How about a mini Yasuba (is that her name?)

  3. LOL! no, i ran around from table to table making new friends and catching up with current ones :P i think there's a pic of us somewhere, chitchatting.....

    Yotsuba is not a pet *GASP* LOL she does bring me a lot of joy though...ehhh you transform one of your village girls into a neighbourhood gossip ley! just don't name her after me ok!!! XD


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