Friday, October 7, 2016

Life gets in the way....

...and a death.

Since my wedding day, so much has happened. I've moved to my marital home, Ahma passed on barely a month in, I fell pregnant, dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer, I gave birth via emergency C-section, baby is of today, 12 weeks old.

So much squeezed into a year. Barely any room for miniatures, except for the one collaboration with my husband.

The anniversary of Ahma's passing has just passed, we took bubbles to her memorial site. And I still miss her terribly. Dad had his prostate removed, and there were several complications that led to a few lengthy hospital stays, but he is home and recuperating. My pregnancy wasn't exactly difficult, given my medical history I couldn't be too careful, so I did my best. I'm relieved the both of us survived it relatively unscathed. But I'll leave that for my baby blog :)

So does this mean this miniatures blog has seen its last days? I hope not! Come 20th October, we will collect keys to where i will be setting up my long anticipated workshop (cum play space for bubbles)! So much catching up to do.

I haven't quite been up-to-date with all the miniature blogs, but now that I'm beginning to get the hang of this mothering thing, I look forward to all the lovely creations that I've missed this past year.

See you soon :)