Thursday, December 31, 2009

Experiment - Soldering

soldering experiment
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this is the 2nd time i'm trying soldering. yea. i suck terribly at it.

i managed to blister the cutting mat, my pinky finger, and the electrical cord on the soldering iron XD waha ha ha fret not, it didn't destroy the wire, i caught it before it did -too- much damage. it's now covered up with PVC insulation tape XD

i used the wrong type of wire. i vaguely recall the salesguy at the DIY store saying something about copper wire being the best to use, but i had so much wire at home from ex-jewellery projects that i decided to try it...well...XD ok so it doesn't work with stainless steel wire :P brass, pretty decently. i don't know what that coil of wire is made of, but with the flux it worked slightly better than without.

i have been really busy lately meeting up with friends and general mischievousness, but you can expect more food pics coming up as i start on a commission ;) it's very exciting because it's gonna involve stuff i've never tried before, i'm itching to start, but the clay isn't here yet.

i'm rather peeved about the clay order actually. the order came up to approx USD78 with estimated shipping, but they charged USD98 to my debit card WITHOUT PRIOR CONFIRMATION. that just pisses me off. i understand full well that it's an estimated shipping price, and frankly, the additional $20 wasn't unexpected, but COME ON. this is just POOR SALES SERVICE. to CHARGE a customer extra without informing them is just...grr.

i have previously ordered with them, and yes, their shipping is a little uhh...too much. tiny kemper cutters no more than 2" long in a box larger than 6" x 8", nearly couldn't find it in all the newspaper they used to stuff the box. they could have simply slipped it in a bubble envelope and cut shipping costs by at least USD5. but it was the first time i'd ordered anything online, so i didn't know better back then. they even sent it to the wrong address (bf ordered it, specified for package to be delivered to me, but they sent it to him)

ah well. it's the hols and maybe they were swamped. ionos. i just hope they don't try it again, or i'd have to look elsewhere. i wonder if they even sent out my order, but yea, it's the hols, so i'm not too picky about it. let's see how they reply my not-too-happy email about the 'uninformed' charge.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TDA 2009: the aftermath

wasn't kidding when i said mountain of mess
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lol. talk about airing dirty laundry. that's my jacket that should be in the wash, on top of my box of jewellery findings.

i've been feeling so poorly lately. all i've been doing is slowly pecking my way through the mess on my table. it's only just gotten sorted out and now i've messed it up again trying to fulfill orders and take stock of what i have remaining.

Alexa wanted to know how i made my display stands, and now that i'm looking at it again, the pic is pretty self-explanatory. i think the only material that needs to be specially purchased is the ] [ shaped thingamabob that railway model enthusiasts use for their modelmaking. i found it at my local craft store at that section. i don't have any leftover to take pics of. the rest is up to you to reverse-engineer! have fun with it, i'm at the point where i don't want to think about it anymore XD it took me far too long to make!

you can also click on the image to see the notes i've added onto my flickr pic regarding materials.

ok i've packed up 7 items for each of the giveaway winners! i've realised AGAIN that it's really hard to pick out items for males -_-" they will be mailed out tomorrow before the p.o. closes for the hols! again, congratulations!

i have a more serious question though. it had been strongly suggested, and also been a plan of mine, to sell some tutorials. i don't know if i wanted to at first, but as i shift from this being a hobby to something that could help pay the bills, it's becoming increasingly evident that i need to focus on a reliable source of income. i was thinking of selling a macaron tutorial, in various scales. what do you folks think? and how much would you think is a reasonable amount for a macaron tutorial that teaches you how to mix colours, what tools, tips and tricks to use? i've been agonizing over this for months really, weighing out the pros and cons, whether i'm selling out or not....etc....bah. i welcome all input and will take them all into consideration. much appreciated in advance :)

(yea i seem to agonize alot over little stuff grr)

Monday, December 21, 2009

customer photos :O

first set of miniature food
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Thank you Aki! I believe you were my final customer that day XD you look rather frazzled too, your booth must have been quite abuzz with activity!

you can view more of Aki's beautiful photos and works (she makes beautiful BJD dresses) at her flickr , or her website

and thank you so much Cindy for dropping by with your friend too!! this picture is soooo cute, i <3 your crew ^ ^ and how sweet of you to mail me this was the first customer appreciation pic i received!

you can view more of her beautiful dolls at her flickr

Steph was my first customer! i'd already blogged about her in a previous post, but please please remember to go to her gallery...oh gosh such beautiful photos.....and look at how cute Asuka's sweets and bentos are in that tea party....the dolls definitely bring the props to life...not the other way round XD

you can visit her flickr and her website for more beauuuuuutiful photographs.....

(psst i kope the photo first hor, since you already commented with the link :P)

please do let me know if you've taken any photos at TDA, i would really appreciate it! and again, thank you all so much for your support! <3>

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The winners of my first giveaway are.....

^ ^



CONGRATULATIONS TURTLE-SAN AND HANNA!!!! i know, the picks were...too weird right????? what, 1 and 2?!?!? no no i didn't fix it i swear!

PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESSES!!! i shall now attempt to contact you :) i hope to send out the prizes by the end of the week, again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

and just another hint....right now i'm at 88 followers (at least according to the googlefriends connect box thingamagum on the left), i'll be holding another giveaway if/when it hits 100. so.....the sooner it gets there, the sooner there'll be another giveaway? LOL but this time you'll know what to expect, ok? ^ ^

Event report: The Doll Affair 2009

First off, I would like to say, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to my generous customers and friendly faces I met today! I'm so sorry if i seemed out of sorts, i am, generally a rather....out-of-sorts person XD special shout out to SassyStrawberry for being my first customer! ^ ^ and i also want to apologize for not taking a pic of her beautiful booth, i swear i thought i did, must have totally slipped my mind when i got distracted chatting with you ; ; WAHH~~ well my blurry pics won't do any of her work justice, so go to her blog to see them :)

i will try and breakdown the events that happened today, oh boy it started out something awful.....

WARNING, long droning post ahead. with accompanying blurry pics. cos i suck even at PnS cameras. bleh.

7.40 am - woke up later than usual since i slept at 2 to finish up the signs/pricings. messed about with jewellery findings, which i should not have, since nobody even took a look at the charms :( Asuka called saying she's already there! :O we were expected to start setting up at 11!

10.30am - still standing by roadside desperately waiting for a cab

10.45am - cab company hung up on me after being put on hold while the 'system processes my request', apparently no cabs were nearby to pick me up from the rain that started at 10.35 ; ;

10.48am - rain stopped, called Asuka to whine about situation.

10.49am - flagged a cab -_-" cabby was chatty and friendly, i only started to get nervous as the cab turned the road to the drop-off point.....woah..?

11.05am - reached hall!

11.06am to 2pm - random blur events. cousin arriving and having to ditch her drink and smuggle subway sammiches (OH YES SUPPERTIME WOOT) in, journalist from local chinese papers with cameraman stopped by to ask questions all of which i replied in my usual rambly-nonsensical manner whilst trying to figure out how to complete my display. good thing cousin was there to help me set up or i'd never get anything done -_-" Jocelyn aka Aiclay WON!!!! i don't think she even realised it until i let out a whoop of surprise and joy that someone we knew won XD now she can have a dolly to make foods for XD LUCKY YOU i hate you and am so insanely jealous! imma sneak into your house and steal it....:P

i met also aki, terminal_insanity aka pecan demolisher, and i'm sure a few others also from sgcafe, again, i feel so apologetic for not being more available mentally and physically to catch up....i shall spam post in sgcafe LOL

since cousin did such a fabulous job, we went for a wonderfully satisfying japanese meal, my treat, and her first meal of the day (at 7pm :O ) ; ; i really felt bad about this. s'ok, i'll make up for it ^ ^

for a first event, i think it went fabulously well, i shouldn't have complaints, but i have of course, lessons to take away from this. this blog was set up to jot down my forays into mini-making and the adventures it has taken me to, and there's always some lesson to be learnt, right? biggest lesson i learnt was to NOT TAKE TAXIS FOR GRANTED. ok i'm kidding. but really, it shouldn't take me 1/2 hr to get a cab from a main road ; ;

k. i gotta keep positive. no griping. ok i'll gripe a little. nobody liked the sushi ; ; judging from the attention my wares got from the crowd, hardly anyone glanced at the sushi :O i was a little mortified since i'd spent so much time on them ; ; frankly, i kind of suspected it, since from various conversations i'd had with Madam Ang, the younger crowd tend to go for the pastries and pretties, the office crowd for gifts celebrating local cultures and hardly anyone went for sushi. paid heed, i did not ; ; but it was a challenge, and i enjoyed the process. and the macarons ahhhhhh i really wish i had more clay. which i shall have to remedy once i get some rest. i only sold 1 set, i guess i should have made them differently and in more pastel colours. but dammit all. i really am quite proud of the details on them. so there. :P

i'm going to take tomorrow off, and then finish up some orders for sales i made on my etsy. it's also going to be hectic next week, when i take photos of leftover stocks and prepare for some post-christmas sales. yea. this is just a reminder of what to do. oh and that interview with the local paper of course. HI YOU READING THIS! LOL oh boy, i pity her having to filter through my rubbish to get a coherent thought out of me XD i think she'd honestly have better luck with Asuka or Aiclay XD

eh i'm still rambling. HERE ARE THE BLURRY PICS. enjoy, and for those with lower bandwidths.....time to upgrade :X

uh. i checked the pics and i'm too tired to post them here. i'll post one of my booth (AHEM) and please CLICK HERE to see the rest! SORRY! i think the adrenaline has finally worn off. imma head to bed.

or here :P

if i didn't get the booth names right, please let me know, they changed the layout at the last minute so i wasn't sure and frankly i was really zonked out by the time i -had- time to take pics.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little too many macarons

a little too many macarons
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like i've mentioned in my previous post, i made a few too many macarons -_-" here they are, i wish i had more white clay, i wanted to make more pastel colours :( ah well. have already made too much stock for a 4-hr event *stomach churls at reminder*

it's been a rather...relaxing start of the day. but it's not ending as well as i'd hoped ; ;

remember the sushi plates i made previously? (in this post) well i've lost them :( you know how when you really don't want to lose something, that you keep it aside or hide it so carefully you forget where you placed it? ; ; that's not my largest fear though. the last i recall of them was i took them out again to take photos and i think i might have accidentally dropped them into my bin and tossed them out ; ;

the hour i spent looking for them i could have made replacements, but i'm too tired and frankly, i'm sick of making stuff (for now haha) i just want saturday to be here so i can get it over and done with! ha! i want to go back to making 1:12 items! i've already missed the christmas rush on etsy! all for a measly 4-hr affair AUGH! but. i am DETERMINED to have fun on saturday, and knowing me, i will ;)

here's the california rolls i made in 1:4 scale. *takes in deep breath* tomorrow, i'll tackle the toughest bit of all this. PRICING OF ITEMS :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1-3rd scale macarons

1 3rd scale macaron preview
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so. this is gonna be a sorta more personal entry. it's kinda related to minis i guess. but i'm gonna reveal more about how much of a klutz i am, as if you didn't know already, right?

so i got up at 6am due to the change in temperature (sinus issues) and since i couldn't fall back asleep, i decided to finish assembling the 1:3 and 1:4 macarons.

since i was starved of sleep, and rationality, i couldn't really concentrate on what i was doing. i experimented a little with different methods of filling the macarons, one of which resulted in my right pinky finger having a small blister, and a developing callus on the index finger.

sweet ol' ahma (paternal grandma) had been watching me hustle and bustle about this whole week, getting the display up etc, and she had expressed regret in being unable to assist me, so i decided to ask her to help me mix up the chocolate frosting.

look at her go! LOL thanks ahma! <3! eva had been wondering what got both of us laughing so hard, so she too came and tried to lick up the clay mix -_-" i asked grandma if it was fun, she chuckled (keep in mind she's usually this grumpy old lady) and said she didn't know how to explain it. subsequently, each time i mixed up more frosting, she tried to help me with it XD

anyhow. decided to take a shower, and ....

1) squeezed facial wash onto my toothbrush
2) nearly squeezed toothpaste onto my hand

and after i got out of the shower, i proceeded to spray my right shoulder with deodorant when i was trying to apply some liniment.

yeah. i'm exhausted. LOL

and i did a virtual /facepalm when i read an email i just received from the organizers that the event will only be for 4 hrs from 2pm to 6pm!!!!! AUGH!!!!! had i known earlier i wouldn't have tried so hard to rush out the stocks and display. well at least i know now that i should have more than enough stocks ; ;

REMEMBER, it's 19th December, this saturday!!!! tickets will be on sale at 1pm, come on down and say hi to us!

psst. it's also the deadline for my giveaway!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Display units for TDA 2009

display units - part 1
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i'm exhausted. i spent all of today working on these 3 units. reason why i took so long was that i had no clue what to make, so i hauled the mountain of materials/props that was sitting in the middle of my room into the hall, and slowly worked my way through it, seeing what i could make with what i had.

they're of no particular scale. the macarons and candy canes in the cylindrical jar are of 1:3 scale, and the canes in the cookie jar are an assortment of scales. i haven't even figured out pricings, i think i'll leave that till friday.

i still have many macarons to fill, i'm wondering if i should make the more 'frilly' macarons, but i don't know if i want to, as the macarons i see are mostly 'blockier' ? that and i'm lazy, the frilly ones take a lot more work and these are already rather labour intensive.

i'd originally meant the acrylic display to be for my 'manly cakes', but i ran out of materials.

and time. i'm wondering if i really need all that much sleep LOL!

OH YES! i also wish to thank all the lovely readers who have already participated in my giveaway! really, i'm overwhelmed by the response :O thank you for all the suggestions so far! and remember, the deadline is 19th December 2009 midnight (my time in Singapore) and if you haven't already, go to this link:

to stand a chance to win uhhh....a mystery gift! :P

back to the grind.

my namecards...

Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i've obscured my handphone number and email addy, but those who need to know, know already ;)

funny thing. grandma bought the last 4 digits of my handphone number for the weekend lottery, and she won approx $100 total since permutations of the number was drawn on both sat and sun. it was also the first time i'd ever printed namecards for myself, and i'd given one to her cos i felt she might like one. totally random, both events :) i'm glad for the outcome.

also pictured are incomplete sushi stuff in mostly 1:4 scale. the larger sized of the maki are 1:3, of course. i still have to seal the sushi (i used textured paper for the nori/seaweed) and finish adding the 'ebiko/tobiko' to the 1:3 maki, and in that little metal dish to the left are more incomplete sushi that i plan to work on -after- i finish making the macarons.

this past week, i also learnt how to work with GIMP a lot better. i hope to create some of my own packaging to go with the sweet stuff, but i think that's the extent of my digital imaging abilities.

i'm also incredibly grumpy and crabby and aching all over. the stress from preparing for the upcoming event has delayed the 'visit from my aunt', so....don't mess with me :E

*trundles off to bed sulkily*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sushi, I'm almost sick of making them

spent much of this morning editing photos to print for the event. i don't plan on making all that much stock, especially of the 1:3 items, and am planning to offer only at most 2-3 sets of sushi, might make more donuts though we'll see.


manly cakes LOL i don't want to just offer girly stuff!

this 1:3 cake slice was hell to make. it's hollow in the centre to save on clay, and you can imagine how much clay it already uses :( no way am i making more of these unless i'm commissioned to.

the crab stick is a little too large for the maki, i got a tad confused while going back on forth making 1:3 and 1:4 items, messed this up totally. i think it looks ok for a 1:3 scale maki, but there's too little 'rice' :( am waiting for the glue to dry on my 2nd try on these, will post pics when i can.

made some 1:12 petit fours a few days back while mucking about with the 1:3 ones. LOL it was hellish, they are barely 2mm wide....and i've never eaten a petit four in my life either!

the 'fishy' sushi rolls on sushi plates i made from wood clay. i couldn't find suitably sized plates, so these would have to do. only made i think 9 plates though.

for the lesser adventurous, here are the not-raw sushi rolls XD i tried making 1 set of cucumber rolls in 1:3 scale, and they are made differently than the 1:4 ones. i prefer the 1:3 rolls but they're a little tricker to make. i might make more if i have the time or inclination to.

and, a gift from my youngest brother! i was so surprised by it, he remembered that i love Totoro XD no special birthday plans, i nearly forgot what day it was until bf reminded me yesterday. which isn't something new, i tend to forget birthdates anyway XD

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Introducing: The Doll Affair 2009 - 19th December 2009

As most of you should know by now, I will be having a booth at The Doll Affair on 19th December 2009. The event will be held at Saturday, December 19, 2009 at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre, Meeting rooms 302-304, Level 3.

I would like to take this chance to feature 3 talented people who will be there too! in alphabetical order......



"Hi! I'm Jocelyn from Singapore, and here's my story. Before I stumbled upon the world of sculpting, I was feeling pretty lost in a world where everybody else seemed to harbour big aspirations.. until I picked up my first slab of polymer clay. As I poured my heart into sculpting, the hours just slipped by, and I knew this was my calling. :) And thus, AiClay was born, a venue where I can devote my creative energies into sculpting, and share my work with the rest of the world."

See more of Aiclay's works at:


Asuka Sakumo

"Asuka Sakumo is one of my alter-ego pseudonyms name other than Vanilla Latte. I can't learn how to do magic, and because I can't be a doctor nor a lawyer, so I write stories and draw them. And lately I am obsessed with miniature clay. I'm going to sell bento foods, cakes, cookies, macaroons, and totoro coffee arts & cream puffs! All is variant in 1:3, 1:6, and 1:12."

See more of Asuka Sakumo's works at:



now, for this artist, she has been busy lately (it's a good thing, yay!) so i shall introduce her in my own way. remember in a previous post i'd mentioned that i will have a guest feature? well, i hope it's in no way a violation of the organizer's rules (haven't really seen any such restriction really) but i hope to be able to showcase some of her works at my booth! i will not be selling any of her items, but will be offering her namecards as a way to raise her profile a little, as i think she does gorgeous artwork. she even customizes obitsus :O i haven't seen them yet but i'm sure they'll be excellent, judging from the dragon sculpt featured above! :O

i hope she will be free to make it down, if not, it'll be great to see some of her works up close and personal ;)

it is yet unconfirmed what items she will be showcasing but there is -that- mini sketchbook pendant that i simply adore! i originally wanted to feature just 3 pics of her works, but there are so many i love that i can't decide :O so please, do take a look through her works and be prepared to be amazed. i highly recommend the deviant art link below.

See more of Changeweaver's works at:

Changeweaver's Webpage:

for those who are free on the 19th this month, c'mon, $12 is not too much to pay to see the works of these talented people, is it? well, there's my charming self too *cough cough choke* ;) so come on down and say hi to us!

please also, send my friends some love by visiting their blogs and various showcase sites ok? :)

p.s. remember that i still have my giveaway going on ;) deadline's 19th Dec 2009 too! :P

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Giveaway

Myopic Yotsuba
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

HI ALL! firstly i'd like to introduce Myopic Yotsuba. like me, she'd be blind without her glasses XD i got them from WhimsyCottageMinis! i know, i'm so easily amused ^ ^

ANYHOW, it's been a mad year, and as it draws to a close, i'd like to extend my appreciation to everyone who's followed my blog, dA and flickr, so here it is, a giveaway!!!

it'll be a mystery because i don't actually know what i'll be giving yet, but you can help me decide!

i have decided to do 2 giveaways, one to an international entrant, and one local. so how do you participate?

all you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me what you'd like to see me make more of. sweets, savouries, toys, veges, or even jewellery? i'm prepping myself for next year! LOL give me ideas!


p.s. only 1 chance per person per comment, ok? play nice!

you have up till midnight (my side of the world > <) 19th December 2009, and i will do the draw on the 20th. <3>

petit fours

petit fours nuts and choc
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

these are 1/4" wide. i took a hella long time to sculpt the nuts, but once i got the hang of it...


i even made a mold, but the details are lost at such small a scale after removing the clay from the mold, so each piece still has to be adjusted to get it just-so.

colours are a tad boring, but i think it'll make a nice contrast against my colourful cupcakes :) should be making a few other 'flavours' of petit fours, and maybe a few cake slices.

i'm not that good with 'drizzle' icing yet, definitely need more practice. i miss the almond puff pastry that's available at four leaf bakeries ; ; hence the mini version XD

p.s. so as to confuse you less, the larger items are in 1:4 scale, the smaller ones, 1:12. :) all inedible!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i am my own fan

sushi and sashimi
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

so i've made some 1:4 scale sushi, and i take terrible photos of them :P i honestly don't think they're as crappy as they look in the pic, then again, i'm biased XD

anyhoo, i've created a 'fan page' on facebook, you can probably see the widget...



time to get me some fans, i can't be my only fan, right? that's just...narcissistic. not that i'm denying it, just sayin'....;E

so new adventures the past 2 days.

met asuka to make namecards.


Reason for failure:
too engrossed in chatting animatedly about minis, realization hit us whilst we were waiting for the train to pick up jewellery findings ; ; AUUGHHH!!!

met asuka again, this time at the namecard shop, so we won't get sidetracked.


Reason for failure:
image was of the wrong size and format ; ; since i use GIMP and do not for the life of me know how to install the plug-in to convert my images to CMYK (i hate image editing i do as little of it as possible).


Asuka had a similar problem, she had her photos in the correct format, but wrong values and size. *heavy sighs* WELL all was not lost, at least we had a great time (again) chatting and shopping for tools, props and packaging options for The Doll Affair 2009. i'll be sending in the namecard order instead, and hopefully will NOT forget to make the rubber stamp as well XD

bah. might as well print stickers.

ANYHOO. i'm really glad to find a fellow miniaturist who is as enthusiastic, crazy and wild about minis as i am. pressure is off the bf now whenever i want to go for resource hunting trips! XD i'm sure he's really glad too :P

OKAY i hope to put up a spanking new post by this weekend featuring my fellow miniaturist friends who will be attending The Doll Affair 2009.with me, and there'll be a special guest feature as well ;) WATCH FOR IT!

p.s. stroke my ego, be my fan ;)
Snowfern Clover's facebook fan page

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sushi - Colour check

colour check
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

grrr. need to buy red pastels. Jocelyn highlighted (haha) this problem previously, but since i had little experience with red pastels till recently, i didn't expect it to be this disastrous XD

anyhow. this is a colour check before i continue making these. the sake (salmon) shape is off, but that's cos i cut off the end of the cane for it :P i think i got the colour right, at least i hope i did.

does it need more gloss you think? i used satin, hoping it wouldn't be overwhelmingly glossy. maybe another coat? or should i just go straight to gloss?

maguro texture needs work. i think the 'yam-coloured' sushi is just right, i don't know the name for that though.

k. it's almost 3pm, bf isn't awake yet, and i'm looping Gackt's "Last Song" over and over, it's been almost 2 days, thanks ah, Asuka! LOL go see her latest painting inspired by that song on Asuka's blog, it's sooo calming i love it :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

even more donuts, i'm sick of ochre XD

more closeups on my flickr
i've been inhaling too much pastel dust XD made the donut and cupcake bases yesterday, and spent ALL of today frosting and affixing the cupcakes to the headpins. and of course, photos.

if you're wondering why i'm so narcissistic, rather, more so of late, it's cos i've been posting quite a bit on deviantArt and it's pretty well known that some of the young'uns there love 'stealing' images.

i'm taking the opportunity to practice phototaking and editing, i might use some of these for namecards, catalogues etc. gotta find a decently priced (read: cheap) printer. any recommendations?
i played around with toppings. wish i had made some lemon canes, but i'm sooo tired and my hands ache.

i think my fave of the lot has to be that rose cupcake. it's the only 'brown' one left, found it while looking for more toppings.

i don't know if i should sell these as earrings. what do you think?
and of course, Yotsuba has to make an appearance :P the sugared donut has to be my fave of all the donuts i made. i know some people are gonna ask, so i'm going to go ahead and say the 'sugar' is white-coloured sand, the kind you find in kids' crafts. remember to add that protective coat of varnish or it'll all fall off. i didn't know better before....-_-"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More cupcakes, donuts and a new friend!

i'm driving myself crazy wondering how to price my work. all of the above are in 1:4 scale, the donuts are approx. 2cm across.

they are textured, dusted with pastels to show off detail, and after all the fancy stuff has been added, they're coated with varnish.

thing is, there are cheaper options available for cheap, anywhere from SGD$3.90-$5 on a keyring. but NOT at this size, NOT handmade, and NOT as detailed.

yet majority of locals have the impression that handmade goods are inferior and not worth paying SGD$8-10 per item, when you contrast it with the $5 keychain, or $4 eraser set.

what should i do? :(

that aside, i also made some 1:12th donuts, finally LOL i've been putting off making these because i keep forgetting to ;P ack. the colours make the ochre on the belgian waffles look so....unnatural XD

on a brighter note, bf surprised me 2 days ago with this! i'd been moaning about Yotsuba for a year before i got her, and whilst searching for her i found out that there was a Summer Vacation version, with more expressions and hands!!! OMG OMG!!!!
so bf secretly bought this online as an early birthday gift ^ ^ I LOVE IT! i really can't bear to open it, i know i will, but i also know a few fanboys who would look at me like i killed my dog if i did XD
speaking of my dog....LOL here's Eva looking all embarrassed...whenever she's munching on some random stuff (mostly her paw) i'll ask her to "Let me see" and she'll usually let go of whatever's in her mouth, or open wide for me to look into it.

this time, i called out to her for fun and she had no clue what wrong she'd done, hence the drooping ears XD XD XD poor girl. :P

note, her left paw is bald from her constant gnawing :(