Monday, December 14, 2009

my namecards...

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i've obscured my handphone number and email addy, but those who need to know, know already ;)

funny thing. grandma bought the last 4 digits of my handphone number for the weekend lottery, and she won approx $100 total since permutations of the number was drawn on both sat and sun. it was also the first time i'd ever printed namecards for myself, and i'd given one to her cos i felt she might like one. totally random, both events :) i'm glad for the outcome.

also pictured are incomplete sushi stuff in mostly 1:4 scale. the larger sized of the maki are 1:3, of course. i still have to seal the sushi (i used textured paper for the nori/seaweed) and finish adding the 'ebiko/tobiko' to the 1:3 maki, and in that little metal dish to the left are more incomplete sushi that i plan to work on -after- i finish making the macarons.

this past week, i also learnt how to work with GIMP a lot better. i hope to create some of my own packaging to go with the sweet stuff, but i think that's the extent of my digital imaging abilities.

i'm also incredibly grumpy and crabby and aching all over. the stress from preparing for the upcoming event has delayed the 'visit from my aunt', so....don't mess with me :E

*trundles off to bed sulkily*

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