Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miniature Nuts, Berries and Cheese, in dollhouse scale this time!

yeah yeah, we can go on about how I'm going nuts here, and actually, that's exactly why I decided to post today. ;) here's something I made alongside a larger sized commission I did last month. miniature polymer clay nuts! I got the metal nutcracker off greedbay some time ago, finally! a chance to use it!

aaaaand, also inspired by the same commission, dollhouse miniature berries and cheese! polymer clay too ^ ^

==========================personal crap here=========================

so there's good news, and bad news.

the good news is that i've been taken off my diabetic meds cos my (semi-) strict diet and weight loss is keeping my blood sugar levels low. WOOT!

the bad news? the doc put me on 2 different antibiotics right now for a stupid infection that's causing my whole right inner upper arm (what's the correct term?)/armpit to swell. it's a little alarming, it all started with a typical sebaceous cyst in my armpit that started swelling to the size of a hazelnut, and overnight the surrounding area started hurting and a lump the size of a baby potato appeared T-T quickly headed for the polyclinic yesterday and was told that the inflammation was probably due to my diabetes. SIGH. can't win 'em all. if the lump doesn't go away (the potato one, the hazelnut one pretty much cleared up after 2 doses of the antibiotics), surgery has to be considered. wtf, i've had enough surgeries tyvm. NO MORE. PLEASE T-T the whole inner upper arm area is now slightly pink, and dad says it's probably cos the lump has to dissipate. I hope he's right. i'm skaird, HOLD ME PLEASE~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/drama off

so until i'm done with this course of antibiotics that'll probably cause my hair to fall out (AGAIN), my hands will be shaky (am trembling and sweating profusely now, which is why I'm not working now T-T), and so will not be taking commission requests until i'm sure this stupid problem is done away with. this and some other stupid ultrasound that I have to go for cos this whole body is falling apart. fret not, given my medical track record, i'll probably live a long and miserable life. it's usually the strong healthy ones that drop dead suddenly right? yeah, definitely not me. though, if my right arm drops off....OMFG HOW'M I GONNA MAKE MINIS!??!?! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


k well. it's may day, and dad's gonna be at hong lim park at 4-ish, he's gonna speak for a bit, wish I could be there to support him. GO DAD GO!!!!

*apologies if this post is crazier than usual, i'm really not quite myself as you can probably tell.