Monday, August 6, 2012

Miniature Merlions!

polymer clay miniature chocolate Merlions 4mm x 6mm

Long time no see! Singapore's National Day is on the 9th of August, and I'm not sure if I'll have the time nor inclination to blog then, so here's my little contribution :) I had thought of making a range of local foods as a personal challenge, but I also wanted to do something iconic of Singapore.

For those who are unfamiliar with this strange mythical creature that was the inspiration for these miniature chocolates, this is the Merlion :)

Happy Birthday Singapore!!


Speaking of Birthdays, August is a birthday month in my family, Dad's was on the 2nd, and my youngest bro's on the upcoming 8th...i didn't make anything in mini for them, we usually have a simple dinner and cake celebration at home :) There is one other friend who just celebrated hers recently, and I made this for her....

Polymer Clay Miniature Nasi Biryani 1:12 scale
I hope it is recognizable as Nasi Biryani?!?? there's like, many different versions of it, so I hodgepodged my version of a beef variety with cucumber salad and yoghurt, and 2 pieces of papadums....i hope it fits in her Maharajah's palace? :P

(you've probably guessed which friend I'm referring to then! HWA HWA HWA!)

((i didn't include the chrysnbon fork cos traditionally they're eaten with hands, and the fork was for me to check if the food was indeed to scale...hee))

Polymer Clay Miniature Pesto Spaghetti 1:12 scale

and then...cos another friend was here in Singapore for a visit, I made this for her....she last visited 2 years ago and back then, had made us a wonderful pesto spaghetti for was the first time i'd tried pesto and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! i was really surprised by it as i'm not a fan at all of fragrant herbs and spices (think cilantro etc), but i really could not get enough! i hope it is identifiable for what it's supposed to be. topped with shaved/grated parmesan cheese too :D :D :D again, the fork was just for me to check if i had the scale right, i think i did???

we shared a precious few hours together, the 3 of us, and i cherish those very much. more than i can ever express. helped me sort out and put my petty troubles into perspective too. thank you for letting me be a part of something very special, you two :)


Miniature Mixing Bowl and Spatula 1:12 scale (Epoxy Resin)

and then, while i was 'away' being busy with 'real life', i took some time out to make some food related items that i've always wanted for my mini kitchen, but could not find nicely scaled ones. one of the purple sets is reserved for another purple crazed friend of mine, while the blue set (bottom right) should have arrived safe and sound with its new owner :D i hope they like it!

These are not for individual sale, sorry. They will be used in larger projects that I have in mind though. :) 

Polymer Clay Miniature Cupcake Baking Try and Bowl 1:12 scale

Like these....which are a sneak peek at what I will be offering soon-ish....:P :X

There have been so many things happening in my life, a few illnesses, a few deaths, and a lot of adjustments. it takes a long time for me to slip into new routines, and while I have been working on many miniature projects, none of them are completed. I am learning new things through self-experimentation (and heaps of wastage!! ARGH).

One of the few positive things I've learnt is that, I finally feel comfortable saying that I can sculpt in miniature, and not just 'craft', re: Merlion. Prior to this, much of what I had been making didn't seem very 'sculptural' to me. don't know how to explain it. I am still figuring out my mixed feelings about this and alot of other stuff in life, but don't worry, I always look forward to see if there have been improvements. 


but for now, there's this matter of curiosity landing on Mars that I have to check up on!!!!!!! NAIL BITING STUFF THIS