Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miniature Bubble Tea and Coffee

heyo~ I've just listed 11 different drinks on my Etsy (, these are dollhouse miniature sized, and the first of my new range of takeaway drinks :) The covers are removeable!
(and that beautiful credenza/shelf is by Pepper of! the pictures i take can never do justice to how wonderfully made it is. anyway, you can see how beautiful it is in itself. ok i'll stop raving about it now.

where was i? oh yeah, hawking my wares. :P here's what i have listed, and i have plans to make more 'starbuck-y' types, with logos and all....but first let's go back to how this craze all started...

so, the 1:3 scale ones that i've been making for BJDs sell out pretty fast, and it gave me more motivation to try and make it in 1:12. the problem is getting the cups. i've not been able to find any suitable for use, and from personal experience with the vacuumform method, it's quite a b*tch to make. I've thrown away countless amounts of plastic (sorry :( ) and still need a bit of practice and refinement, but the first 2 drafts are pretty nifty, good enough to sell, so i'll leave it for now. rather, i'll leave it for as long as i can bear. XD

see? miniaturemaking for me is not a hobby nor a business, but of some obsessive necessity. gyarrrgh.

least it's cheaper and more effective than therapy. of which i think i need. so if ever you see my mini-work start to pick up at a frenetic speed, you know i'm driving myself batty. or the world is.

*deep breaths* okay. so moving on to whatever else i've been up to.

whilst taking photos, I cleaned up the old roombox made specifically for photoshoots and decided to re-do the windows. I have a great love for stained glass, but not for the overly ornate kinds. this is a first try and i will add more details to it later, or maybe do another set since it's easy to remove and re-slot for a different look/feel.

Left to right: Chrysnbon, gift from Sans!, Bozart, forgot, forgot, Re-ment.

the windows to the right are the older ones. as usual, made it out of PVC sheets and aluminum-sticker sheets from Daiso. The black lines are also sticky tape, cut to barely 1mm thickness. then while packing and dusting I brought out my collection of 1:12 chairs XD I cannot remember the brand of the designer chairs, they're pretty popular in the 'modern mini' world, can anyone help identify them? Thanks in advance :) I guess i love purchasing chairs cos they seem like too much precision work for me. but you know, some day i'll do it *insert WINNING meme graphic here* **specifically that baby with the clenched fist one**

i've also been busy with other things, BJD-wise, i guess not that much except for this skirt I made for Clover (should update over on, but it's not significant enough to warrant its own post) when Asuka came over after her long stay in Japan! YAY MISCHIEF! 

so, there's also that little BJD-event where Asuka and I will be collaborating for the first time on a display :) You can view details on when and where the event is at here:

am revving up the motor and hope you stay tuned for this long-awaited event :) back to work!

(and say hi please, i'm feeling lonely :( )