Saturday, April 30, 2011


ahh!! back to bold colours ^ ^ i love the vibrancy! although the pics are a tad overexposed, couldn't be bothered to adjust the cam settings cos..IT'S SATURDAY!!! WOOOOOOOOOO 

you can click on the pic for a larger image, but if you do, please excuse the dried clay under my nail. :X

the lips were something i'd been thinking of working on for the longest, shortly before i received the adorable lips sofa from Sans for x'mas :P i don't recall where i first saw those candy lips (or wax lips?), it is not a commonly found candy here in SG, so....:-/ anyhoo, wonder what they taste like, gummy bears maybe? or strawberry shoelaces type thingies? i'm not big on candies, grew out of that in my teenage years. it would be interesting to try though.  

the larger one is in (i think) 1:3, the smaller, 1:12 of course. these were made out of sukerukun, which is a pretty cool and translucent (almost transparent) air dry clay. it's quite tricky to colour and work with, and shrinkage is pretty unpredictable depending on your colouring agent. i will re-make these in polymer clay, these will probably be packaged up instead :)

i've also coincidentally made more red cakes .....they definitely weren't planned, i just wanted to make some marie antoinette inspired pastries, and somehow, the colour palette called for these bold reds? wahey! oh the 1:3 raspberries in back are also out of sukerukun. gonna make some 1:3 ispahans and time...XD

a less jarring pic. woah it's hard to take pics of red stuff too :S

have a number of WIP items lying about my room, on various surfaces and the floor even -_-" have had to work in ADC for a number of reasons:

1) hands hurt from all this work
2) preparing for the ADC workshop means i've kept away my PC for the moment
3) lighter ADC might be a better option for snack foods so that the dolls can pose with them more easily? ionos. probably have to set up a poll on that :-/
4) faster to work with ADC for larger items as i don't have to condition PC, which takes ages at this amount (at least for me it does, even with a cranky pasta machine)

can't wait to colour and glaze the donuts :) i really enjoy making them!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

more ADC stuff, and i went shopping!

the neighbourhood bakeries in my area sell quite a number of these rectangular cakes. you can bring them home and slice 'em yourself!  i love mango on my cakes, so i made this mango and fresh cream slices...will demo them during the workshop....hope it gets approved XD

the round cakes are sorta incomplete, i plan to use these to demo to students how to 'cream' and decorate the sides....or, they could also use these as-is, naked sides and all XD

these are as elaborate as i will go for a basic course..... i'm no expert at ADC, so...LOL these are as far as i can go i think! so far i'm quite enjoying using ADC, went to Daiso yesterday to pick up more clay, and other supplies!

this is just -some- of my ADC stash. the grace whipped cream is not from daiso, of course....neither is the grace nor sukerukun. i usually go to either plaza sing or ion branch when i'm in town....sengkang only when i can't find what i want in the first two branches...i was surprised to find the 'normal yellow' and dark blue clays, usually i only see the lemon yellow and pastel coloured range! so happy one lor! ^ ^

there's another really heavy box of ADC i have, my stone clays and such, but i don't use them except for plates etc which i will eventually get round to, again, when i wish to test my patience. it's really hard to get plates done nice and evenly, even with the help of molds :(
these colourful little water-based pens were a steal at only SGD$0.65 each! on top of that, i received a further 10% discount :O i found them at paper market at plaza sing, i asked the lady when the offer would end and she said it's on till the end of the month, which means what, this weekend?? i couldn't resist and got 10 different colours! you should see my actual thumb-nail, it's multi coloured now LOL i had no paper to test the colours on :X it's got a fine and normal sized nib on either end, very useful for mini works, i intend to use them on flowers, fruits, the orange ones on ebi/prawns....kyaaa so egg-citing! i would have bought more but, i already spent too much yesterday, on stuff i didn't feel i wanted to buy but ....would eventually have to get for the event.

the stackable trays are actually for plates i think, i also got the colourful box to display/store my items for TDA (two sizes for the two main scales i'll be selling), some clamps for mini woodwork/paperwork, liquid chalk marker cos....ionos, i can always find use for liquid chalk? :P and GIANT CORN OMNOMNOM!!! i always tease bf for picking out 'horse feed' cos he likes to buy oats, grains etc as snacks. i say he's gonna chew out his molars before he gets old! but i super duper looooove this puffed corn snack. YUMMEHH i also like to fool myself into thinking it's healthy (it's not, the sugar/starch content is pretty high i'm sure, real bad for a diabetic)......*bashful grin*

ANYWAY! on to my preparations for TDA 2011!

some of this might look familiar, the glass jars i got from Ikea for TDA 2009 but never really used it...the glass container holding the candy canes i made that year too....but the shopping trolley is somewhat new! bf got it for me from candylicious, it's oddly scaled, i think 1:10 maybe? whatever! SUPER CUTE!

kids, don't smoke mmkay.

and then there's this cute little 1:3 cup and saucer set from a random shop selling Japanese kawaii stuff (donno the name, it's near the escalator i think 2nd or 3rd floor plaza sing?)...they happened to have just the one set left, so i bought the cup and saucer. maybe i should have gotten the full set, but i still don't have a doll T-T Chun and i were having a conversation about the cookies, and she wondered if it would work against a coffee cup like those mini cookies that usually accompany hot drinks?? KYAAA!~~! it does! see, i would never have thought of it -_-" silly me.

 Dale gave me a teaset that would be suitable for 1:4 when she visited us last year ^ ^ i always forget to use it cos i wrap it up so carefully in case i mess it up, but now that i'm trying to set up a display, it would have to come out of hiding!  kekeke. here you can see the cookie in contrast with the cup. a tad big, but perfect as a normal cookie for MSD or YoSD dolls i think ^ ^ those macarons will be on sale too, i will be making more colours...wonder what would sell???

i had a coupla more items come in the mail and display sets i purchased,  and foods i made...but my nose has been drippy all morning, i hope this is just another allergic reaction and not the very fashionable flu :O so i'll take more pictures as i progress on my tasks at hand.

next up, i think progress on the wholesale order about 2 weeks max to deliver that LOL -_-"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preparing for the workshop

I've been busy preparing some basic items for the upcoming workshop. These are made out of ADC. I came to this decision mainly because it would be terribly inconvenient as a basic course to expect students to invest in an oven for PC, also, ADC seems to be more readily available in SG. Students can expect to learn how to make basic breads, fruits, cakes and pastries in the course.

It should be held from July-Aug, and organized by the library ^ ^  The actual dates and venues will be updated once they've been confirmed :)


have also listed more items on my Etsy! yea...more of the cupcakes but in simpler and sweeter designs :)

you can view more of the pictures in their individual listings here!


been keeping busy, like i've promised ;) building up stocks for TDA 2011, just finished giving these choc chip and nuts cookies a coat of matte polyurethane varnish. They are approx 1.8cm wide, which would make for large cookies for MSD/YoSD, or smaller cookies for SD sized BJDs. if i were to pick, i'd go for the caramel drizzled ones since i'm quite the fiend for caramel flavoured goodies :P

group shot!!! you can click on all the pics for larger versions and a closer look ;) if you're keen on any of the larger items, do contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com as i do not plan to list them...i do hope they sell out at TDA 2011 though! mark June 18th on your calendar!! ^ ^

now, to make more colourful stuff.........;) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Food Jewelry

added some new jewelry and accessories to my Etsy store!

and...remember these? or rather, these are the new-ish items, the promotion i offered in the previous post has now been moved to my etsy in this category:

Do check it out and lend me some support!!! it's hard starting to sell again after such a long hiatus......T-T


back to the 'fun' stuff :P

hehe again, inspired by Rosey Sugar, i started on some Marie Antoinette themed 1:3/1:4 items for TDA. this will be just some of the designs i'll have available. i don't know if i will make accessories out of them, the piping takes a while to get 'neatly' done. and of course, it's a tedious process, mixing up all that PC/LPC stuff......getting the consistency right is the most frustrating part!

back to work. next update should be related to the syllabus i'm preparing for an upcoming workshop in ADC :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cupcake Rings - De-stash

L-R: Blue Sprinkles, Blue Heart, Pink Heart, Pink Sprinkles
approx 2cm x 2cm (cupcake cookie design)

I've been busy making some cookies in 1:3, which so happen to be a pretty good size for rings! ^ ^ anyhow, why do I append to the title "De-stash"? That's cos these are my prototypes, and there are minute irregularities that although you'd have to squint to find, I am not willing to charge full price for them. So! As a sorta introductory promotional offer, I'm willing to let them go at USD$10 each, price includes shipping :) 

Oh, they're made out of polymer clay, and have been given 2 coats of matte varnish too :D

This is how the ring looks like on my fat finger XD it's on an adjustable rhodium plated ring. I know, my hand looks stiff and awkward....LOL! You can e-mail me at snowfern [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know which design you'd like :)'s pouring out...i hope we can make it out, had plans to make new glasses today 8(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!

donuts again! took the photos yesterday morning, packed away the items, and promptly forgot about them.

 you can find these here:

blue!!! an odd colour for donuts, i know, but eh.....i'm a little odd too ;)

back to classic chocolate donuts. i love my new range of sprinkles....i think i went a little overboard with them though XD

was meaning to offer this as my first set of cupcake shaped cookies as mentioned in my previous post, but.....LOL -_-"

time for bed. hope you like these too :)
p.s. on a side note, although i prefer these photos due to the clarity in detail, it seems pics from my previous post (a little too overexposed for my liking, was cloudy today and had to edit the photos :( ) would be more suitable for treasuries??? help me out here, what do you all think???