Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Miniature IKEA HUSET bedroom set review!

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A gift from my cousin ^_^ I had dragged L down on a Sunday morning to IKEA Tampines only to be disappointed that the stocks had run out, but the very helpful IKEA staff checked that there were still some sets left at the Alexandra branch (about 40 this past Sunday the 20th Dec, restock will be in Feb 2016 :O ), so I called in a favour from my cousin who lived closer to that branch than I did....She decided to make it a gift and I more than gladly accepted! Thanks D!!! :D :D :D 

This -is- Clover's blog, and although I knew that the sets are 1:8 scaled and Clover is, well, twice that size (she's a kid-sized 1:4), with some creative posing I was sure the bed and wardrobe would somehow work. 'sides, I'm collecting these sets as a fan of IKEA and modern miniatures :)

The bed is extendable, with an inside measurement of slightly over 7 inches (18cm) when compact, and slightly over 1 foot (31cm) when fully extended. I do not own any YoSDs, but I'm pretty sure they will be a snug fit! As you can see, Clover has outgrown her toddler bed huhuhu.....(she's about 35cm tall)

LOVE that it comes with a plush dino wahahhahaha *RAWR*

The wardrobe could probably double as a storage chest for Clover's toys, I'm especially chuffed that it comes with a shelf and hanging rod.

Yotsuba is about 1:10 scale, so a little tiny for the set too......

.....but Baobei and Bunbun seem right at home :E

Although my previous review on the Living room set was more detailed, I decided to keep things a tad simpler this time round, as Blythelife has already done an excellent one:

You can view my review of the IKEA HUSET Living room set here!

Clover - Iplehouse KID Lonnie 
Yotsuba - Revoltech
Baobei, Bunbun, Eva Tokia - Free knit pattern by Yvonne Boucher, knit by me