Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tutorial: Paper Doilies

I have been spending some time at bf's office, trying to set up my website, since I get easily distracted, I wound up spending more time catching up to my favourite mini blogs. It has certainly been a loooong while since I've caught up to the latest mini trends, and what with two of my fave Japanese blogs (Nunu's House and Megumini) featuring beautiful lace doilies, I decided to attempt some of my own.

Of course, my attempts are juvenile compared to their works, but I thought to share what I'd learnt and figured out with the help of online resources (love you, Google!).

This link taught me the basics, and how to make plastic templates, but I am still figuring how best to utilize them:

This one I found extremely useful too, for the variations in hole sizes:

The basic principles hold for pin pricking in miniature, scaling down means scaling down the needle sizes, thickness of papers and learning how best to hold the mini papers, which meant I had to fiddle about for about 4 days at the office before coming up with the following tutorial. Please remember that these are simply recommendations by me, and how I work. I will greatly appreciate comments and suggestions on how to further improve these techniques :)

OK! Time for the tutorial!



I initially thought it would be costly, what with P*rgamano tools (a famous paper piercing tool brand) costing upwards of USD$10 per tool -_-" That and the needles were a little too thick for 1:12 scale. SO I MADE MY OWN! woot woot! And you can too, so simple!

Craft knife
Needle (stainless steel)
Clipper/Wire Nipper

Clip the needle to about 1inch, or shorter. Be careful so it does not fly into your eye, or elsewhere to be discovered only when someone steps or sits on it :X hold on to both ends, and try and avoid hurting yourself.

 My Daiso craft knife cinches together rather snugly, so the fine needle is held rather well in the centre of the crosshairs.

However if your craft knife is like this older one I have, then simply position the needle off to the side, making sure that it is snug and will not wiggle too much.

There you have it! your own needle tool :D You can also use thicker needles to vary the size of the holes, or if you're up for it, put a few needles together in a row or pattern for triangles or crosses. Play around with it!


1-inch scalloped edge punch (pictured is EK Success brand from a scrapbook store)
1-inch circle punch (pictured is Carla Craft from a scrapbook store)
Circle template (pictured from Daiso)

Pin pricking tool
Low tack adhesive tape
Packing material (the translucent foam sheets used to pack plates in) or other 'soft' material to provide padding to prick into
Cutting mat
Paper, 80gsm printing paper, or 70gsm pastel coloured papers 

Save the above pattern onto your computer, or print it directly off your browser onto 80gsm paper (or of your choice).

For this cake doily project, print it at its original size. This pattern was made to use with a 1-inch scallop paper punch that I have (shown below), but can also be used with a normal 1-inch circle punch.
Fold the paper. I folded it till about 5cm widths. Keep folding until you get a 'fan'.

Place the folded 'fan' onto the padding material, and work on a cutting mat so you don't ruin your table :P

Use your other hand to hold down the papers, and your main hand to prick through the design perpendicular to the table. 

You can hold the paper up to the light to check if you've missed any holes (you can see this pic for example, I missed one dot).


Admire your work! :P ok but seriously, I would recommend punching the papers 2 at a time if your punch is blunt like mine :X You can sharpen your punches with aluminum foil (or google for how to care for your punches). I did, but I sorta ruined them when trying to punch plastic (don't do it :~( )

Align the design to your punch. PUNCH!

If you don't have a punch, then use your circle template, and draw a circle, and cut using scissors.

WAIT! Don't throw away your template yet! You can continue using the same piece of paper and template to make more! Simply stick a piece of low tack adhesive tape onto a section of paper further down (up?) and keep going!

You can also vary the design by omitting or adding more pricks to the template :)

Or, align the scallop edged cutter a little differently, to get a different design!
I have made a few other designs, and will offer plastic templates up for sale if anyone is interested :) Will update soon-ish!

- Insert the needle into the papers vertically for neatest results
- I personally find that a piece of low-tack, clear adhesive tape makes it easier to prick through the template without the sharp needle 'snagging' onto the paper
- Try not to align the design too close to the edge of the paper, especially if you are using a punch
- Do not use too many papers (folds) at one time, you might snap your needle and hurt yourself

You may use the above doily template for both personal and commercial projects. Please do not distribute or modify the doily template. If you wish to share this tutorial, I would appreciate links back to this post but it's not absolutely necessary. Please do NOT copy or modify this tutorial in any way, thanks for reading :) 

I hope you have found this tutorial useful, comment if you have! :D :D :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's go Kite-Flying!

Have finally submitted my Petit Picnic entry for #semi-sweeties over on dA

I'm kind of disappointed with myself, cos I did want to make many many other things, but what with requests, blood tests, scans etc, there simply was not enough time to make the elaborate entry I had in mind. I know, I'm my own harshest critic, I have to defend myself against my very honest family opinions! XD serves me right for leaving it up to the last minute XD Luckily, I bought the faux grass and made the basket really really early and all I had to do was assemble the various pieces with my simple foods.

click on the above image for a larger version. you can also go to my flickr to take a look at the individual pics i'm sorta scattered today, pics are everywhere, rushing out to get grandma's birthday cake, she has just turned 83 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AHMA!!! :O :O :O! HUAT ARR!!! XD

Behind the scenes look at my entry.....cos I forgot to take a pic with item for this is my grubby handphone and the scene on top of my multi-purpose crafting trolley.

Due to the rules of the contest, I had to make new fruits, and upon bf's suggestion that we have a 'healthy' picnic, I made another bunch of grapes and ONE apple. ONE. it looks so odd, different from my earlier batch? Or maybe it's just me being picky....but I deliberately made it look different! 

Can you spot the difference? On the left are the older batch, the one on the right is the one I did for the contest. I think I prefer the left, more translucent/reddish variety, cos that's the type we get here mostly.....

Made the kite following some random google pictures, a rushed job this morning as the contest entry is due in ....less than 24 hrs :X I used some random paper I had in my folder where I keep a stash of papers suitable for mini use. I chose this for its 'modern' minimalist look.

 I originally wanted to make a croissan'wich, cos it's my fave form of sandwich, and I hadn't eaten it in ages (croissants are horrifically sinful, oh the butter~~~! but soooo tasty!) brother pooh-pooh'ed it, saying it looked weird :( I didn't think so until he mentioned it T-T yea, it does look somewhat...rigid I guess. So I junked that idea and went with the original bf-gets-9-inch-sub, me-the-6-inch-sub idea. I'm on a diet, so no cheese for me T-T


much better :D I also played around with new ways of making some breads, they kinda sorta worked the way I wanted :) so happy! time to stock my 'pantry' :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! Maybe even go for a picnic, eh? :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1:4 Lunch Sandwich set

1:4 sandwich sets now available for your MSDs!

Lunch Set 1 - 1:4 plain ham and cheese sandwich, with a side salad.
SOLD! Thank you ^ ^

Lunch set 2 - 1:4 ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, with side salad. Highly detailed tomato slices are not fixed so you can play around with it :)

all made out of polymer clay :) will be posted on my DoA marketplace thread soon! or you can email me, snowfern at gmail dot com for price enquiries!

measurement pic!