Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you Ann!

THANK YOU ANN!!! I recently won a giveaway over on Ann's blog, Amazing Miniatures. HOO BOY!! they certainly are amazing! not only am I a fan of her works, I'm coincidentally a fan of both IKEA and modern furniture :P so, winning the table was a :O :O :O :O !!!!!!!!! moment for me! 

I love love LOVE how it fits perfectly in my photoshoot area :D :D :D kismet, I say! :P i can't decide if it'll work better as a craft/work table, or a kitchen table, heck I think it could be anything! 

please please send her some love :) you can find her works at the links below! I especially love her modern wooden sculptures and frames ^ ^ 


Thank you again, Ann! 


I usually don't get many requests for non-food items. Recently, I was commissioned to make some cigarettes in 1:3. I used to smoke, aeons ago, not too heavily but....yea...I know I shouldn't have but heck, we all go through growing pains, right? I managed to quit what, 5 years ago? It wasn't too hard because I don't think I was really addicted to it, just to the emotional relief it provided (time away from stressful situations). :P's my attempts at making the ciggies :) Luckily, dolls don't have lungs. :X


and since I didn't want to waste the rest of the photopaper, I printed additional boxes in various scales. the tiniest one is of course, 1:12....the paper is too thick and folding it at such tiny scales makes the ink crack :( could anyone suggest any ways of avoiding this? I don't think I can get any thinner glossy printing paper, other than heading down to the professional printing shop. ah well! at least it doesn't crack as badly in the larger scales :)

ok, there's only 3 2 days left to the #semi-sweeties contest...and I'm not yet done with it :-/ I managed to get down to bf's office this week, and get some graphic work done, so there's that to look forward to :) GIMP ROCKS. it rocks even harder cos it's FREE :P


  1. Woohoo! Love the pictures! And thanks for the link love dearie :-)

  2. Love the cig box you made. I know we have spoken about this before, printing on glossy paper. I did it once for my mini books and yes, the paper cracks. I am now wondering if it is not better if we print on normal paper and then varnish with nail polish?


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