Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cucumber Cane. and cuts.

is it wrong to be so immensely pleased with oneself??? XD i spent the WHOLE DAY making this cane. the bulk of the time was spent conditioning and mixing up the right colours, and test baking the colours. i fudged up on the darker greens, i hope this bakes out the way i want it to, right now it's looking good to me! i started out with an almost 3-inch diameter cane, and reduced it down, then split it into 4 portions so that i can try out some with and without skin. 

let's see if i'm as pleased once i bake up these XD meanwhile, i'm patting my own back for even attempting greens, i have so much trouble working with the colour.......

i want to try caning other stuff now! i enjoy caning, but these hands need a break...

not just the hands really. my right thigh looks like i've been self-harming, but let me reassure you that i'm not! from bottom up:

- 190 deg celcius binder clip flew out of my oven mitt and bounced off, BOUNCED OFF my thigh mind you. and it left that sear right thair. ah the price one pays for ones' craft (and clumsiness) *snort
- left, a bruise from a rash i scratched at after working with epoxy resin. i seriously think i'm getting allergic to that stuff....
- so....my 6 inch stainless steel blade i use for working with canes bounced out of my hands (don't ask me how, you already know i'm a klutz) and landed between my legs. i resisted the impulse to clap my thighs together, but a split second later my right leg involuntarily moved and i thought i'd only lightly grazed it. newp. the blade proceeded to bounce again and landed on my thigh, and onto the floor. i thought again that it was another graze and ignored the prickly pains, until the blood started showing. NICE HUH!
- Eva needs to cut her nails. she likes sharpening them herself though, even though i take the time out to sand her claws after each clipping GRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr

massive update soonish, on my new vacuum box, macrame hanging, cucumber cane and gosh i forgets. i think salads. ionos i've just been occupying myself and catching up with clay, I MISS CLAYING!!!!!


  1. Hi!

    I checked your blog link to see who is following me and I didn't realize it's you! :D I'm really flattered! You'r work is amazing and it's an honour that you are following me. Thank you! :D

  2. Oh Cindy! Fabulous cucumber canes..I'm sure you're going to be dancing with joy when they bake perfectly! I know all about the self inflicted injuries too...I get them too lol! :-))

  3. Beautiful, Cindy!!! Best I've seen :) LOL, I think we all do the clapping thighs bit.

  4. This is why I leave the clay stuff to the professionals. Seems like a bunch of work went into and it shows! My first attempt at caning watermelon slices was an embarrassing disaster. I'd rather not talk about it lol.

    Can't wait to see the finished piece!


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