Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it's been over a month since my last post???

1:3 polymer clay and air dry clay custom request items

my customer wanted a sort of 'preparation board' type scene for a very chef-y BJD and i immediately got excited! i'd never really done a 'proper' prepboard, not even in 1:12 but sorely wanted the opportunity to, so although this request came in just as I did say I was going to cut down on commission-work, i couldn't resist :X
So I proposed a few items, like flour, sugar, icing, eggs, completed cupcakes as well as one 'mid-decoration'.....i think the potential for these props is endless! ^ ^

this little 'picnic cake' was my favourite piece to make :) made me want to go out and get some huhuhu, there's something about jellies and gelatinous stuff that i like, though i know exactly how it's made :S what, me eat glue? NEV--

nevermind. MOVING ALONG~!

these were particularly problematic to make with a very very sore shoulder and sprained finger *winces at recollection*

i did re-do the macaron box for the 'rainbow' range of macarons :D

few more random shots of the request.
i'd love a bite of not-too-sweet red bean filled mochi right now.....i especially enjoyed the ichigo (strawberry) chocolate mochi that my middle brother once brought back for me from Japan, took all of my willpower not to consume the whole pack in one sitting :S ah good times.

and on to why i've gone AWOL the past month or so:-

Reposted from my deviantArt journal (i post more personal stuff there, but thought to repost this here since it'll explain why i've stopped taking in students and what it means for my mini-making)

how time flies! things over here have been rather hectic, and the worst of it is (I HOPE) over! within a space of a month, a few members of my family and bf started passing around the very fashionable flu that comes with April's weather shift....

which led to my youngest brother spending 2 nights at the hospital for complications arising from the flu (bad bronchitis/asthma attack, they're still trying to figure out why :S)....

then my pulled right shoulder muscle from carrying not-too-heavy packets of soupy foods around, was so painful i got on some 'fun' painkillers but took me out for a few days....

then finding out my dad's routine checkup turned out some pretty bad news about his heart - something about blood pumping back into chambers, possible blockage or not-blockage....i'm trying hard not to think too much about it but instead focussing on adjusting his diet so we can keep him around for a lot lot LOT heart aches a LOT thinking about this. :(

leading into news that the lease for the office is up, and a lot earlier than i'd been prepared for, so i'm in the midst of packing all this mini stuff up, all this while trying hard not to mess up my still-sore shoulder (at least i can move it and turn my head now...)

i was really down for a few days, being stuck in bed nursing the shoulder/neck/gastric flu(food poisoning??) but there's plenty ahead of me yet, and although it could have been so easy for me to slip down the slippery path back into *gulp* **lowers voice into whisper** depression, i went on an escape-from-reality adventure in Pocket Legends, which meant spending plenty more time with my youngest bro, simply not thinking or overthinking everything. i guess everything is falling into place, and it seems i might be going back into my old (and oft-role) of caregiver. but no WAY am i going to give up on minis. it keeps me sane, happy, and brightens up my darkest moments. so though i may be more subdued and less faux-cheery (huh) i am determined to come up with better works and figure out how to make bland foods appetizing for a funny old man with just a few teeth left XD speaking of which, grandma is getting new dentures fitted so....

*deep sigh*

ANYWAY. here's to me, surviving all this. :E GO ME RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

so that's it for April i think. i'm moving stuff back slowly and hope to have everything sorted out by mid-May (lease is up end-May) and try and establish my new routine and role in life (i'm awful at handling change, could you tell???? XD ). i have a lot of mini odds and ends still waiting to be listed, but i'm trying not to stress myself out, so i'll update over on my facebook fan page when i've listed something new, remember to 'Like' it for updates!

also, for those who were wondering about the googlefriend connect thing, i'm not sure if those who have 'followed' in the past are still getting updates, or if they (you?) would have to become a 'member' of my blog again?!?

thanks so much for accompanying me on my journey this far, here's to the next chapter of my life, i am glad that all i feel now is slight trepidation and not a full blown panic/anxiety attack XD

aiight. back to work. :S