Saturday, February 26, 2011

folding windows...

 this post was supposed to be about the folding windows, but i forgot to take proper pics of them i was having too much fun playing with the fruits -_-"

i made the berries a while back, never got round to taking pics of them. i made the plastic packaging too :) but just to state, they will not be for sale 'as-is', i plan to use them for my own works.

 my chrysnbon table and chairs finally arrived! they weren't -too- difficult to put together, i gesso'd these but since i'm more than a little 'commitment-shy', i haven't decided on a colour yet :( my fave colours are pretty dull (black, blue, brown...funeral colours my grandma likes to say), so i figure, since i have to use the display setting to take pics of my works for sale, it's better to keep it simple, i.e. white. i could really learn to like it though....:)

 and cos i was rushing off to meet bf for dinner, i didn't think too much about how i should take pics, thus the haphazard display XD
 ahhh found a pic of the folding windows closed! there's a gap at both ends cos i haven't yet put in the side pieces....i actually don't know if i'm all that pleased with it or if i need to give it another go with different materials. i used basswood strips and a random piece of plastic i had lying around. the hinges, i only had 4, and i totally did not want to paint over them (they were brass) but in my overly tired and fed-up state, i painted over them because they were uglied up by the generous amounts of abuse and superglue i subjected upon them. i must have spent the last 2 out of 3 days trying to get the *#*()@*$&(# hinges to stay on. crud.

 anyway. *deep calming breaths haha*
so the plums. i made 2 types, when i was younger i remember them being called 'sugar plums'.

and then there's the rest of the fruit i made....last seen in the supermarket post and then some.

why so many pics of the same thing? ionos. cos i haven't been blogging and feel like i should make up for that with more pics HA!

in my mind, they were purplier(sic) than these i found in the kitchen. bleh. i'll try again another time :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fruits shopping

Random fruit stuff in 1:12 polymer clay. Teaser pics ;)

 practicing fruit, rather fun!
 going to make some labels for these.....
my fave fruit as a kid, the persimmon! i love it when the 'outer layer' is mushy sweet (almost to the point of rotten, -almost-) and the centre layers are crisp and crunchy. don't seem to find that sort these days :(

why teaser pics? cos I never know how my items are gonna look under the macro lens, and these are test shots before I start making more for my etsy :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1:4 berries and stuff

customer request. 1:4 scale BJD props. i hate taking pics at night, the reds look so pink here!!! :(

cheese wedge, hard tack, mushrooms, blackberries, raspberries, huckleberries.
what a difference daylight makes :-/ haha you can almost see the katakana fridge magnets i have in the background :P

and i made new sized madeleine earrings :) this time, my cousin is modelling her personal set ^ ^ i will be making these and a few larger scaled props on my etsy sometime next week, just need to finish up a few more requests :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pink pastries

1:12 polymer clay marie antoinette inspired st honore. commissioned request.

 i couldn't find my doilies (i eventually did looking for something else grrr) and used what was close at hand, a crochet'd doily that i had been planning to use when my prop table arrives. it's unfinished, as in i haven't tacked it nor sewn in the ends, i can say the same for about 7-8 other crochet'd items i have lying around beside my bed.

made strawberry versions, i can't say i like this design as much, the 'sugar flakes' aren't too visible, and the end product didn't turn out as i'd expected. ah well. try, try again!

is it just me, or were the CNY celebrations were rather quiet this year compared to the last?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

more 1-12 marie antoinette inspired desserts

made these a while back when i was making the valentine day cupcakes, but since they were intended for my personal use, i felt no pressure to take pictures :P

 and so, they sat on my table gathering dust.....eww dusty food XD

 the madeleines i made even longer time ago, i don't recall taking pics of these new 1:12 ones. made them alongside my earrings in the previous post.....again, no pressing desire to take photos when i make stuff for myself  :-/ does that happen to you too?

 pulled out super old eclairs, looking at them now, i'm totally dissatisfied XD i have new ones made, but since they aren't finished yet (no chocolate topping) i didn't bother using them for this shoot.

frankly, i was looking to finish up the polymer clay/liquid polymer clay mix 'cream' for the cupcakes i'd made. piping in mini is so appealing to me, just can't imagine eating all that cream *bleargh* even when i was a kid, i'd ignore the cream on the cake, which adults back then told me was strange for a child. i just don't like the texture in my mouth. in general, i tend to avoid 'fuwa fuwa' (mushy, soft, fluffy) foods. thank goodness or i'd be the size of stay puft marshmallow man (the godzilla sized version in ghostbusters LOL).

oh oh i just remembered, some of you have asked about the piping nozzles, i did mention them here:
and previous attempts at piping with ADC here:

a side note, you can click on "All my experiments" in the section "Tags and Stuff" to the right of my blog to read about many of my techniques. if i do not share my technique, it means i think they're common knowledge which can be found via Google. or feel uncomfortable sharing because i had previously read them from some books, or online tutorials that i cannot recall the title/links to. or saving it for the "book-that-i-hope-to-but-may-or-may-not-write" ;P

 i only took these pics because i had an email come in asking about marie antoinette inspired stuff, and what better motivation to show off what i'd already made? stuff this pic in my portfolio, woot woot!

 but, since i'm so lousy at putting stuff together and my little display was meant to photograph individual items for sale, it's hard to cram stuff into a pic without looking too cramped. meh.

but until my purchases arrive, i will have to make do with some old crappy stuff i made earlier. this is my new fave display stand. gonna use it as often as i can :P

the choc cake is supposed to be 2 individual layers, but i got tired of looking for appropriate plates to display them on individually, thank goodness they look pretty good together :P

disjointed post, cos i'm feeling really 'off'. the shops should be open after the CNY holidays, i honestly feel too fatigued to go out, am hoping that a little activity can lift my spirits. have a good weekend everyone :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

HUAT ARR!!! i'm not sure that this has anything to do with CNY, but since I had to 'model' them i thought, heck might as well wear 'em for reunion lunch at bf's place :P

hope everyone's having a great time gorging themselves on festive treats! i know i am....*pats round tummeh*