Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

HUAT ARR!!! i'm not sure that this has anything to do with CNY, but since I had to 'model' them i thought, heck might as well wear 'em for reunion lunch at bf's place :P

hope everyone's having a great time gorging themselves on festive treats! i know i am....*pats round tummeh*


  1. Best wishes Dear, may this new year be plentyful of all the things you love and wish.

  2. So it went well????

    And did you make the ear rings yourself? How much are you renting your earlopes for ? They are very nice ;p

  3. Wow I thought they were small but not THAT small!

    I'm glad you're having a good Chinese New Year, so am I!

    Huat Ah !~


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