Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fruits shopping

Random fruit stuff in 1:12 polymer clay. Teaser pics ;)

 practicing fruit, rather fun!
 going to make some labels for these.....
my fave fruit as a kid, the persimmon! i love it when the 'outer layer' is mushy sweet (almost to the point of rotten, -almost-) and the centre layers are crisp and crunchy. don't seem to find that sort these days :(

why teaser pics? cos I never know how my items are gonna look under the macro lens, and these are test shots before I start making more for my etsy :)


  1. Wow! I'm sure it'll be amazeballs, as usual :)

  2. No need for teasers. You are a pass master! Everything is amazing realistic but your persimmons stole my heart!

  3. Love it love it!!! (for a change;-)
    The persimmons (kakis in french) look so real and the net around the fruits is perfect!
    Can't wait to see more:)

  4. ZOMG.. LOVE the persimmons!

    And I feel ya on the macro lens. Sometimes I think something is perfect from the naked eye. Then I take a picture and all the defects are blah!

  5. Tu trabajo es maravilloso. Acabo de conocer tu blog y me encanta! tienes otra seguidora! Abrazos

  6. ROFL @ "amazeballs" Moo Moo Cow XD

    Susan, simi si pass master omg i got so many questions to ask you on our next meet XD

    Thank you Emma! in SG, a "kaki" is another word for buddy/friend!! kekekeke

    Ann, yea!!! that's why i work on 'feeling' when i'm too lazy to drag out my magnifier. the macro lens is the stress test, as in i'm always stressed when taking pics wahahahah *feels lame laughing at my own joke*

    muchas gracias María José islabcn! ^ ^ He estado a tu blog, que hacen un magnífico trabajo: O tienes un nuevo seguidor también: D


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