Monday, May 30, 2011

Cakes and Pastries again

 1:3 marie antoinette inspired pastries such as st honore, l'ispahan, macarons, madeleines, creamy strawberry cake slices. mostly done with air dry clay.

the roses are supposed to be Rakugan, but i haven't created the packaging, and since the colours fit in with the theme....why not eh? :D
although i prefer working with polymer clay, air dry clay certainly is better for 'mass production' as i don't have to condition, nor limit my batches to space in the oven, and it's much much lighter, which is a huuuge bonus in the larger scales. but of course, there are limitations, and i'm still learning as i go along.

although these i find aren't as pretty as the marie antoinette inspired stuff, i consider them classics too :) when i was (much)younger, blackforest cake was my favourite flavour (i'd eat everything but the cream lol). i've been craving it ever since i started production on these....haven't gotten round to it yet though :( 

i have more donuts to frost, i think i'm done with the sprinkle designs, on to the choco art ones, which are quite hard to do now that i've switched to air dry options and can't get my hands on liquid sukerukun :( :( :(
i recently also purchased some dessert towers from Carol of true2scale. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. you probably have noticed the 1:3 version in earlier pics, tee hee she made them specially to my request ^ ^ thank you Carol! I LOVE THEM! they're SOOO fun and addictive and EASY to assemble. managed to plonk these 3 out in less than 1/2 hr! i definitely plan on getting more :) you can find them at her etsy store too . HIGHLY RECOMMEND A*********************** (lol ebay much? XD)

here's how they look unstacked and with some of my older stuff. i plan to list some of these items soon, need to take individual pics again cos i forgot to check for lint/dust when i did the earlier photoshoot. WAHHHH the lighting and everything looked so good too, dang it my room is too dusty!!!!

ok. i do apologize if i miss any of your comments/requests etc or am late with replies to emails. been busy, as you can tell :X there's a tonne more WIPs littered about my room, but since TDA is in less than 3 weeks, i think it's best i finish them ASAP (ADC takes quite a while to dry in 1:3 T-T) i promise i'll reply when i can!!! even my virtual farms have been somewhat neglected, OMG OMG OMG OMG

 toast + butter + honey = BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Workshop: Miniatures Creation Workshop in Singapore

(truncated screenshot from a poster that will be displayed in libraries)

The workshop details are up! Application details are available in the link above! See you there ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

WIP: cutters again?

quick short post cos i need some feedback, i think the club and spade can afford to be larger, but size wise they match up to the heart and diamond. i'm so confused! it's like when writing and the letters that hang off the line (g, y, etc) aren't the same size as the rest of the words, it's a little unsettling for me...cos the little 'bases' of the club/spade, should they be hanging off the line (am i confusing everyone else as much as i confuse myself?)

you know what i mean! tell me what you think :) pretty please with a pink bow and matching bowties on top? (eh, where'd that come from!?!??!)

also, you can prolly guess the theme i'll be approaching next ;) all cutters are for 1:3 cookies! i think i'll move on to savoury dishes after this round...i hope, not much time left to procrastinate away......XP

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the monotony of ochre....

oh, they look less 'ochre-ish' in these pics.....anyhoo i'm so bored *whines* although i do enjoy making items in batches when my OCD-ish-itch sets in, i do not think it is extended to making ochre items. i recall from way back when i first started this blog, learning how to colour the baked goods was nightmarish for a n00b like me. practicing on polymer clay was....trying enough, now that i've switched to ADC for TDA, it's hell all over again as i try to figure out which colouring mediums and mixes work.

these 1:3 and 1:6 cupcakes need more colouration-toppings-sealing before i'm done with that and will try and move on to some other items i have planned....uwahhh exactly a month left to TDA!!!

also, thank you to Chun (please don't bug her! she had to go through quite an effort to help me get the set, thank you sooo much! <3!) who helped me procure a 1:3 serving tray set ^ ^ i also purchased beautiful cake displays from Carol of, will blog about that once i set it up, right now i don't even know where to place my items, the finished ones are ziploc'd up and in a box, i should take pics but....*sheepish* gah.

another pic of polymer clay cookies on a plate :) dang, you're right, the plastic stuff is hell LOL i didn't even bother trying to get the pieces out save that 3-tier display cos i haven't found a place to store all the stuff i need for TDA. o.O

i think i overdid things a little. will probably try and put some up for sale on DoA or i really should work on my own website, has it really been 4 years now since my bf got that domain for me!??!?!? *smacks own forehead* this is a new record demonstrating my procrastination skills! :E :E :E

Saturday, May 14, 2011

more WIP ADC TDA 2011 updates

 So many abbreviations! LOL! ok so here's the mess/mass of items that i am working on.....

these are completed items, that is, fully dried, fully varnished, ready for sale :) mostly in 1:3, smaller ones are 1:4....some 1:6 might have snuck in......

these are the unfinished ones, still requiring more decorating, and varnishing/sealing. the usagi manju are my fave!

the past week has seen my moods matching up to the temperamental weather. been so sick i've not had much energy to concentrate, and constantly having to pick up dropped minis is a PITA when your gastrointestinal tract has not been real co-operative. i also learned a new term for it, "Barley Belly". i don't think it's a commonly used slang, heard it from Aunt Rosnah during a re-run of "Under one roof", a rather popular sitcom here in Singapore in its day....hurhur hur.

AND! it's Ben's Birthday! he turns 31 :) Happy birthday, Bro :)