Friday, May 20, 2011

WIP: cutters again?

quick short post cos i need some feedback, i think the club and spade can afford to be larger, but size wise they match up to the heart and diamond. i'm so confused! it's like when writing and the letters that hang off the line (g, y, etc) aren't the same size as the rest of the words, it's a little unsettling for me...cos the little 'bases' of the club/spade, should they be hanging off the line (am i confusing everyone else as much as i confuse myself?)

you know what i mean! tell me what you think :) pretty please with a pink bow and matching bowties on top? (eh, where'd that come from!?!??!)

also, you can prolly guess the theme i'll be approaching next ;) all cutters are for 1:3 cookies! i think i'll move on to savoury dishes after this round...i hope, not much time left to procrastinate away......XP


  1. Personally I think they look fine, if you change anything maybe just make them a little wider or thicker. As far as the height goes they are awesome!

  2. hey Deborah :D thanks! yea i ruminated on the thinking throne today (best place to concentrate lol oops), and realized i'd forgot to cater for functionality, i.e. the thin parts are gonna break :( will try again later..

  3. I blur..

    But came over to ask when we are meeting :).

  4. I always love these little peeks into how you do some of your work.

    As for feedback, I've always felt that the spade was an upside down heart that had a doohicky on the bottom and the clover matched the spade with the doohicky. So yeah, it seems a bit out of proportion to me.

    Hope that helps!

    PS.. love the tea pot cutter!


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