Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Workshop: Miniatures Creation Workshop in Singapore

(truncated screenshot from a poster that will be displayed in libraries)

The workshop details are up! Application details are available in the link above! See you there ;)


  1. Yayyy, Cindy!!! Wish I could be there... :)

  2. Can you and Asuka stop being so awesome?!:P Good luck on the Doll Affair Snowfern! I will be there in spirit as moral support!hahaha

  3. Is the workshop on business or craft?

  4. hee thanks everyone for the virtual Ganbatte!!! (special hugs to Sans for coming down, so sorry we couldn't spend more time i was a real zombie yesterday)

    Angeline - it's a bit of both, focus is mostly on hands on crafting :) please visit the link for more details!! ^ ^


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