Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miniature Bubble Tea and Teatime Cakes for BJDs

Tea time!

i love my new photos :) So colourful!

These are my fave hee. 

I spent the last few weeks moving furniture around in my room so I could control this sinus problem of mine, and decided to put my work table next to the window for better phototaking. I think i like the results :E

no editing was done on the photos WOOHOO

also listed some more drinks, they seem to be pretty popular and were snapped up pretty quickly the last time :)

The event was a blur for both Asuka and I, and there were so many participants at our booth that we decided to wait for the 'professional' photos instead of taking our own XD well, i did take some, but they weren't exactly miniature nor doll related HAHAHAHA

(hope the link works)

anyway, there's a wonderful post here with beautiful photos of the dolls on display:

Thank you to all those who came down to show your support! :)

All the items I made for the exhibit are now listed on my Etsy!

back to my gameplaying :E Who else is playing Don't Starve??? speaking of which, i haven't yet had breakfast and it's already 1:15pm :O

*scurries off*