Saturday, February 26, 2011

folding windows...

 this post was supposed to be about the folding windows, but i forgot to take proper pics of them i was having too much fun playing with the fruits -_-"

i made the berries a while back, never got round to taking pics of them. i made the plastic packaging too :) but just to state, they will not be for sale 'as-is', i plan to use them for my own works.

 my chrysnbon table and chairs finally arrived! they weren't -too- difficult to put together, i gesso'd these but since i'm more than a little 'commitment-shy', i haven't decided on a colour yet :( my fave colours are pretty dull (black, blue, brown...funeral colours my grandma likes to say), so i figure, since i have to use the display setting to take pics of my works for sale, it's better to keep it simple, i.e. white. i could really learn to like it though....:)

 and cos i was rushing off to meet bf for dinner, i didn't think too much about how i should take pics, thus the haphazard display XD
 ahhh found a pic of the folding windows closed! there's a gap at both ends cos i haven't yet put in the side pieces....i actually don't know if i'm all that pleased with it or if i need to give it another go with different materials. i used basswood strips and a random piece of plastic i had lying around. the hinges, i only had 4, and i totally did not want to paint over them (they were brass) but in my overly tired and fed-up state, i painted over them because they were uglied up by the generous amounts of abuse and superglue i subjected upon them. i must have spent the last 2 out of 3 days trying to get the *#*()@*$&(# hinges to stay on. crud.

 anyway. *deep calming breaths haha*
so the plums. i made 2 types, when i was younger i remember them being called 'sugar plums'.

and then there's the rest of the fruit i made....last seen in the supermarket post and then some.

why so many pics of the same thing? ionos. cos i haven't been blogging and feel like i should make up for that with more pics HA!

in my mind, they were purplier(sic) than these i found in the kitchen. bleh. i'll try again another time :)


  1. Your fruit looks wonderful, so real and life-like!
    And how on earth did you make those plastic containers yourself???

  2. Lol! You made me laugh :D
    Plums have different shades and your mini version is perfect, so no need to tear your hairs off :D

    I really like your big display, That's just so cute! I want such a display as well. ^^


  3. Your dollhouse is so beautiful! and a lot of too small berries! Wonderful! すごい! Please be careful don't scatter when you sneeze. ;-)

  4. Your fruit are wonderful and the packaging too.
    By the way you created a lovely scene, on one of the photo we cans see the open folding window. Did you make it yourself?

  5. Cindy, OMG! Your folding windows came out so wonderful! What a great display nook! Love the fruit and the packaging! They came out great!!

  6. Patty, I have seen them UP CLOSE!!!!! Every bit as wonderful and even better , those plastic containers are SUPERB!

    Babe, I want your fruits :). Make some Indian ones :).

    That freaking window is &*^% freaking realistic!

  7. Wow... your fruit is awesome! The pictures of them are great! I want some! <3

  8. Your favorite colors are not dull at all. They can be very classic, Cindy.
    These fruits color your scene display. I love it!!

  9. Thanks Marfolhuz! i recently posted the method in which i made the's using vacuum forming (but i suppose this reply comes a little more than late -_-")

    Stephanie :P i think you're laughing cos you understand the feeling???? :P yea it's often that the items don't look anything like i wanted them to originally, i'm so crap at concentrating on my task at hand :P i call it ...artistic licence!

  10. Tomohachi!!! thank you for giving me the courage to try it out!!! i am making sooo many different containers now, i have so many pictures to take but haha you know how much i hate taking pics....

    will email you soon ^ ^ sorry for the late reply!

  11. Geneviève, yes, i created the window too :D thank you for your kind comments!

  12. haha Patty and Sans *blush*

    Susan, what are 'indian fruits' man.....i'm making CUCUMBERS now and i LOVE how it looks -pre-baked-. let's see what sort of disaster will arise after they're baked :(

  13. Thank you Ann and Peiwen!!! ^ ^

  14. I love the plastic containers and even the sleeves for the plums which are so realistic. :)


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