Friday, March 4, 2011

Stuff I found whilst packing

 since bf bought me a vacuum cleaner, i'd been cleaning up my room with a tad more fervour. i pulled open drawers and gave their contents a good dusting down. first up, the crochet'd doilies i never got round to finish tucking in the ends XD would have to also find a day and time to tack them down to neaten them up, but i find that a rather tedious process. i made these when i was sicker than usual 2 mths back, all i could do then was lie in bed and my hands were itchy! most of the designs are the same, just in different sizes and threads.

i have no idea what i meant for them to be. some could be used to dress up mini tables and sofas, but i think the main purpose of making them was just so i could feel as if i were being productive :-/ they're now filed away in a plastic folder until i re-discover them during spring cleaning sometime in the future (not too far ahead i hope, i don't clean enough as it is :P )

 and then...there's this! my trusty box full of DMC threads. i started cross stitching as a child, and so have amassed quite a collection of threads. i have another 2-3 ziploc bags full of thread, these are just colours prepared for various projects. i am prone to organizing my collections, i also have 2 CD boxes full of music CDs which i've taken out of their jewel boxes, putting them into individually labelled sleeves. each box contains about 50-60 discs...i find the process rather calming. i think i'm a control freak in denial LOL. actually i think i did it because those darn jewel cases are heavy and we moved around quite a bit back then.
here's an unfinished project. i think i got tired of sewing the same cows (re: border) over and over again. i planned to turn it into a bag, i liked how the cows are somewhat of a parody of the american gothic painting. maybe i'll convert it into a cushion cover, ionos. maybe, maybe....LOL!

my most ambitious and fave project! i fell deep in love with this and bought the book on the spot. this was originally framed in a glass only 'frame' from ikea, but it fell off the wall and so went back into my craft drawer :(
closeup of individual stitches. i don't remember the stitch count of the canvas, but i know it's rather small.
 and then the kimonos! i love these, i remember trying to decide if i wanted to do the border, i guess i chose not to XD
 and some incomplete ones. i don't remember why they remained incomplete, i hope it's not because i ran out of thread, but judging from the progress of this, it probably is the reason :( don't you hate it when that happens?!?!
 i found this piece tucked away, with the threads, in the book. i don't use hoops, i find them a bit cumbersome, i simply roll up the canvas and hold it gently in my left hand, thus retaining the canvas' natural shape (somewhat, i hate it when the hoops leave marks or stretches out the canvas). so far, upon inspecting these, i don't see any sweat stains and i must have kept these for over 6 years? it's somewhat surprising to me as i have sweaty palms :P
 here's the title of the book for those who are interested. i highly recommend it, there are quite a number of designs in there that i adore which might be suitable for miniature projects! in fact, it's tempting me to pick up x-stitch again, more so after being a recipient of one of Rosanna's wonderful works.
i remember how much i loved this design that i made it such that it would fit into my wallet. however, my compulsions seem to only work on completing the designs, but not the finishings nor presentations zzzzzzzz -_-". so back into the book it went after taking this pic. ack *sheepish*

i have so many more finished and unfinished x-stitch projects. i remember filing them into pocket folders, i just gotta find that i'm blogging about them i feel as if i really should at least complete the incompletes before i embark upon mini x-stitch. gahhhh *grits teeth*

 on to the non-craft stuff i found! here's a Qoo bag. i used to drink the white grape flavour quite a bit. i vaguely recall queueing up in order to exchange/purchase these with my friend, we even got ourselves the Qoo bikini. i don't recall what we had to exchange for these though, probably some Qoo tabs + that seemed like a lifetime ago. there's a whole bunch of soft-toy stuffing bursting to get out of the bag now :P

i vaguely recall a friend giving these to me. on the back, it says for distribution in Japan only. i don't even remember how she got it, or why. back then, i wasn't even a fan of Hello Kitty, not that i am now. although i admit i find Hello Kitty products rather cute NOW. funny how i've regressed XD
 wakakkaa! remember the days when Jean Paul Gaultier was soooooo fashionable!?!? is my age showing??? i love love love this bottle. i think either my aunt or cousin gave this set to far i've only used one bottle (the empty one on the right).
i don't use any perfume anymore, but in my late teens, i used Escape, Eternity, Versace's Blue Jeans and Red Jeans....but my all time favourite was Davidoff's Cool Water for men! wahaha i wore alot of that! i think my 2nd fave was Drakkar Noir, but only on the men (boys?) i dated then tee they even sell these scents anymore? although i do not recall many of these scents, there is one that i hope to find again. Yardley's "Pink Lace". but i think even that is out of production. heck, i doubt i'd even like it anymore, but scents are closely tied to memories, and now that i'm all feeling nostalgic i'm missing the scents!

ok that's it for a peek into my dusty storage drawers. there's of course a tonne more stuff, like Burda magazines and knitting magazines that i used to collect, as well as my yarn stash and dozens of knitting needles, but that's another post for another day :) hope you enjoyed reminiscing along with me!


  1. OMG,your room is a gold mine and your works are wonderful. You put shame me on shame.I'd reall love o rummage a bit inside your drawers, they are far more interesting than mine. Have a nice day. Minihugs Rosanna
    BTW I never use a loop as well.

  2. Ah I remember how JP Gauthier was utterly fashionable :)
    And I used to wear a lot of perfume in my late teens as well! Now I wear perfume about once a month when I think of it XD

    It's fun too see all your UFO's. I wouldn't dare to show all the stuff I started and never finished *whistles*


  3. I have the JPG mini bottles too, from a much younger part of my life! All full as well....but they look so good.

  4. You really ought to hang that asian lady up again.. shes just fantastic. You can not, not show her off! You know what I mean right? ;-)

    I have that exact gold bottle of Gaultier!... I just don't know where it is... It was fun looking through your "dusty drawers" teehee thanks for sharing!

    Also,... I'll be mailing out your vika desk tomorrow morning! Wooo

  5. oh wow i'm super late in replying comments again! XD

    Rosanna, i highly doubt the contents of my stashes would be more interesting than yours, definitely way dustier i'm sure! i just wanted to post up the pics of these cos i remember telling you about them back when you were here in SG. :D

  6. Stephanie, you must have been a fashionable kid to be aware of JPG being fashionable! XD yea i guess my 'peacock' days are over...poor bf has to put up with smelly ole' me :P

    why wouldn't you dare to show off your UFOs?!?! are you afraid you'll hex yourself and never complete them? heheheh!

  7. Janice, they still smell as good! if not for my sinus woes, i'd wear perfume :(

  8. Ann, i still have boatloads of stuff tucked away :X these are just my fave few pieces, the rest are an embarrassment!!!

    thank you for the desk! i can't wait to show it off WAHAHAHAH!!! i know i said i'd update the site last week but i couldn't get down to the office (which is the only place i can concentrate without the distraction of clay) :(

  9. I love the Asian gal, so pretty!

    I know where that Panda could go... :)

  10. I am sooooo jealous. ;) Your cucumbers look absolutely real...I'm still grappling with the concept of complex canes. Your salads are mini-masterpieces! How delightful - you have some awesome talent for detail.

  11. Glad you showed those stitching you have been talking about. They are gorgeous. That japanese lady is too awesome for words. Can you imagine it in 1:12? Mindblowing! Even the kimonos.

    I still collect JPG bottles , the summer fragrance. It's one of 2 perfumes I use because they do not have alcohol. I am allergic to alcohol, on my skin but not when I drink it :). By the way, your choice of perfume is very similar to my sis. She also like men's Drakkar Noir

    Your stash brought back memories...qoo white grape! jeesh! :):) me too , me too.


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