Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playing with Colours - Part 1

i'm not very brave when it comes to colours. most of my previous more colourful works were customer requests. natural progression dictates i take it up as a personal challenge, and tried to tackle pastels first, as i find pastels hardest (for me) to work with.

well. not really, if they are pre-coloured...:P i played around with some doily designs, and as you can see from the stack on the left, i got a little too serious :X what? practice makes perfect, right??? *blinks* and also for very sore wrists....

 macarons first....cos i think they're the most 'basic' colourful confectionery.....

and played with a different meringue shape.....the purple meringue 'sandwich' in the foreground reminds me of clams though :(

 ooh looky! little Eva wants to know what smells so good! thanks Kristy!

and....made some cake/tart bases. i call them cake-tart bases cos they look like neither. XD but they're cute! or should they be cake/tart/pie bases??!?!? whatever!

i think the blackberry one needs a light dusting of caster sugar....we'll see....

thus concludes part 1 of my 'colourful' adventures :)


  1. So sweet colours <3 I just love your works!

  2. Everything is incredible, so detailed. No wonder your wrists are sore! <3

  3. It’s very very spring tone, Cindy!!!
    As you can see, once you start, you have no more fear of it! You do make good job!!!

    I would like to mention about “parchemin craft” for your last post. This was the first idea coming to me when I wanted to make my own dollies but I did not work with this technique yet maybe you will be interested.

    Have you introduced the little doggie already? Maybe it’s me who was missing the post in the past.
    He is the mini version of your darling right? Adorable!!!

    Peiwen xx

  4. Thank you Lotte! i <3 your works too, those shoes are to die for!!! and i don't even wear shoes in real life XD XD XD

  5. thank you uhhh September Lena? :D what beautiful nails you have! if i wore what you did back in school i'd receive sharp raps on the back of my knuckles i'm sure :X

  6. Peiwen ^ ^ yes! i know about parchment craft, that is where most of the 'techniques' come from for the paper piercing i think....but p*rgamano tools are so expensive, and the vellum is so hard to press (it's the same material i used back when i made cupcake liners) which will mean my wrists will hurt more, so i stick to paper......maybe you should investigate further and share with us, i am damn sure the results will be AMAZING :D :D :D

    yaa i posted about little Eva before, but it was a blurry pic and the real Eva nearly ate the little version of her XD XD XD i will definitely include her in more photoshoots, i adore her!!!

  7. My impression of your work is that you use them :) especially for the macaroons. Anyhoo, pastel is still "safe" :):) Wait a while longer, there may be a phase for glitter and brighter colours. With bold colours, sometimes it pays to be really bold about it. :)

  8. Great colours!
    I love the macarons, meringues and the paper doilies in colour are wonderful.

  9. They are all so pretty! I would say that your play with colours is a successs.


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