Saturday, April 30, 2011


ahh!! back to bold colours ^ ^ i love the vibrancy! although the pics are a tad overexposed, couldn't be bothered to adjust the cam settings cos..IT'S SATURDAY!!! WOOOOOOOOOO 

you can click on the pic for a larger image, but if you do, please excuse the dried clay under my nail. :X

the lips were something i'd been thinking of working on for the longest, shortly before i received the adorable lips sofa from Sans for x'mas :P i don't recall where i first saw those candy lips (or wax lips?), it is not a commonly found candy here in SG, so....:-/ anyhoo, wonder what they taste like, gummy bears maybe? or strawberry shoelaces type thingies? i'm not big on candies, grew out of that in my teenage years. it would be interesting to try though.  

the larger one is in (i think) 1:3, the smaller, 1:12 of course. these were made out of sukerukun, which is a pretty cool and translucent (almost transparent) air dry clay. it's quite tricky to colour and work with, and shrinkage is pretty unpredictable depending on your colouring agent. i will re-make these in polymer clay, these will probably be packaged up instead :)

i've also coincidentally made more red cakes .....they definitely weren't planned, i just wanted to make some marie antoinette inspired pastries, and somehow, the colour palette called for these bold reds? wahey! oh the 1:3 raspberries in back are also out of sukerukun. gonna make some 1:3 ispahans and time...XD

a less jarring pic. woah it's hard to take pics of red stuff too :S

have a number of WIP items lying about my room, on various surfaces and the floor even -_-" have had to work in ADC for a number of reasons:

1) hands hurt from all this work
2) preparing for the ADC workshop means i've kept away my PC for the moment
3) lighter ADC might be a better option for snack foods so that the dolls can pose with them more easily? ionos. probably have to set up a poll on that :-/
4) faster to work with ADC for larger items as i don't have to condition PC, which takes ages at this amount (at least for me it does, even with a cranky pasta machine)

can't wait to colour and glaze the donuts :) i really enjoy making them!


  1. the jelly on top of the cake is KILLING ME XD so real!

  2. Wax lips are nasty. lol They taste like...wax. Do you have Nic-L-Nips there? Little wax bottles with sugar water in them? They're kinda similar, only without the syrup though some do have a slight flavor. You bite into the little tab on the back and the wax sticks to your teeth. Some people even eat them! *gag* They're more for silliness (or a cheap 'costume') than for taste.

    I made some around Halloween. Maybe that's what got you started. lol

    Red's one of my favorite colors, so I love this stuff!

  3. haha Chun! omg can i admit something, i wanted to fill in the centre with something, but didn't know what, cos i first decorated the cake with a raspberry outer ring...then decided it was too plain...i looked around me and there was this 1/3 filled jelly mold (i had surplus resin while using it to fill some....hehehh another blog post will show ya..) i popped it out and put it on top....

    have to admit, it looks more like something Paris Miniatures-inspired, but ohhh how pretty!! XD

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  5. HI AMANDA! welcome back!!

    OOOOO thanks for reminding me! i had to check back at your blog, those fanged lips were CRAAAZY CUTE!!!! this is a day for another admission....i had totally forgot about those, back during x'mas i wanted to make a series of 'gummy' candies that are popular here in SG, peach hearts, bears etc...but needed more variety and those came to mind....but in SG, the versions i've seen are the gummy versions, which i believe aren't as popular in the US as the wax lips??? so i was in a bit of a mix as i also had messed up mixing the sukerukun and it wound up coming out...waxy -_-"

    improvisation made me convert them to 'wax' lips..HAHAHAH! yea i'm a cheater, i know...better that than throwing away the whole batch :(

    my next PC version of the lips should look more like what i intended them to, more translucent and 'gummy' than wax lips (cos the doll owners probably aren't too familiar with the wax lips either??? ionos T-T)

    i love red too!!! i went to pick up my new glasses today...guess what colour they are XD XD XD

  6. lol..makes sense. The gummy lips here are sooooo good! Cinnamon! You can only get them around Valentine's Day though. You have lovely lips either way. *snicker*

  7. Your colours are vibrancy!! Your pictures are really good. All of your cakes are beautiful!!

  8. The cakes are absolutely gorgeous!!! Go Cindy!!!

  9. Wow, you're very talented! Both your creations and your pics are lovely!

    Kisses from Venice :)

  10. I'm dying to see these cakes on the white dessert tower!

  11. I am so in love with your red on red pic. Can I tell you that lip chair really bring out the red of your cakes? hehehe :).

    Anyhoo, I agree with Chun. That jello rocks man! So clever, you did it with resin. I can see a whole new range of stuff for TDA? Jellos of course!


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