Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i am my own fan

sushi and sashimi
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so i've made some 1:4 scale sushi, and i take terrible photos of them :P i honestly don't think they're as crappy as they look in the pic, then again, i'm biased XD

anyhoo, i've created a 'fan page' on facebook, you can probably see the widget...



time to get me some fans, i can't be my only fan, right? that's just...narcissistic. not that i'm denying it, just sayin'....;E

so new adventures the past 2 days.

met asuka to make namecards.


Reason for failure:
too engrossed in chatting animatedly about minis, realization hit us whilst we were waiting for the train to pick up jewellery findings ; ; AUUGHHH!!!

met asuka again, this time at the namecard shop, so we won't get sidetracked.


Reason for failure:
image was of the wrong size and format ; ; since i use GIMP and do not for the life of me know how to install the plug-in to convert my images to CMYK (i hate image editing i do as little of it as possible).


Asuka had a similar problem, she had her photos in the correct format, but wrong values and size. *heavy sighs* WELL all was not lost, at least we had a great time (again) chatting and shopping for tools, props and packaging options for The Doll Affair 2009. i'll be sending in the namecard order instead, and hopefully will NOT forget to make the rubber stamp as well XD

bah. might as well print stickers.

ANYHOO. i'm really glad to find a fellow miniaturist who is as enthusiastic, crazy and wild about minis as i am. pressure is off the bf now whenever i want to go for resource hunting trips! XD i'm sure he's really glad too :P

OKAY i hope to put up a spanking new post by this weekend featuring my fellow miniaturist friends who will be attending The Doll Affair 2009.with me, and there'll be a special guest feature as well ;) WATCH FOR IT!

p.s. stroke my ego, be my fan ;)
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  1. You've got one more fan :)

    and you sooo made me laugh with your namecard quest XD


  2. haha thanks Stephanie! *blush*

    yeah i'm such a space cadet, and now i've found my twin XD

  3. *buries a hole and hide* LoL

    sorry i haven't been able to add your fanpage yet, the "hawk" can watch us then. hehehe...


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