Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sushi - Colour check

colour check
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grrr. need to buy red pastels. Jocelyn highlighted (haha) this problem previously, but since i had little experience with red pastels till recently, i didn't expect it to be this disastrous XD

anyhow. this is a colour check before i continue making these. the sake (salmon) shape is off, but that's cos i cut off the end of the cane for it :P i think i got the colour right, at least i hope i did.

does it need more gloss you think? i used satin, hoping it wouldn't be overwhelmingly glossy. maybe another coat? or should i just go straight to gloss?

maguro texture needs work. i think the 'yam-coloured' sushi is just right, i don't know the name for that though.

k. it's almost 3pm, bf isn't awake yet, and i'm looping Gackt's "Last Song" over and over, it's been almost 2 days, thanks ah, Asuka! LOL go see her latest painting inspired by that song on Asuka's blog, it's sooo calming i love it :)


  1. Cindy, I think the colors look great, and you don't need any more satin varnish! I agree with you about the maguro, although it is sooo close (that's the pale pink, right)? The other ones look spot on!).

  2. They all look so delicious!
    Really making me crave sushi right now!

    Sorry haven't been online much lately because of hd troubles, so haven't been able to reply to your notes on dA. :"(

  3. Kiva, yeah, it's actually the darker one XD the pale pink/yam one is supposed to be i -think- hamachi, but i didn't dust the sides as some hamachi sushi comes as slabs of flesh coloured fish :P

    the one with the angle cut is supposed to be yellowtail..there are soooo many different ways of cutting/presenting sushi that i'm trying for generic colours before attempting more details :P i'm not that brave, yet!

  4. Lee, by hd you mean hard disk, right?

    ahh no worries! i didn't forget about you, as you can see, i've been keeping busy busy busy ;)

  5. LoL... i am addicted to the song as well, like i've played it for the 101th times now. :)

    the sake sushi looks so yummy.. *drools over it*
    and i think the white one is swordfish perhaps? i saw it in one of my stolen-photoes-from-restaurant-menu... XP


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