Saturday, November 7, 2009

Half-eaten Sundaes

mini cones
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i don't remember if i've posted these, anyway.

these are made with the old cones i made a while back. i have since found a new texture and prefer it, i will update with it soon, but these are now available on my etsy

meanwhile, Yotsuba's having a fine time.....


  1. Those half eaten snow cones are great!

    Thank you for entering the giveaway! Good luck!!

    P.S. It's perfectly fine to be a quiet follower :)


  2. Cindy, you are getting very good with the pics. The last one is so funny I laughed out loud! He looked like he dropped the ice cream on the floor! As usual, great work. Have you gone to the post office yet?

    By the way, did you see the APEC exhibition of miniature or something like that. I was wondering why the mini community here is not involved with that or more fundamentally, do we have a community here?

  3. heheh Yotsuba is a SHE! :O ya i wanted her to look like, "Eh, where'd my icecream go?" ^ ^ yes, i made it to the p.o.....

    i donno what APEC exhibition of miniature is? and -what- mini community LOL i don't think we really have one except for this virtual one! i've been going around 'collecting' local miniaturist's blogs....but that's the extent of my 'extra-curricular' activities. this is as social as i get LOL

    btw, my booth is confirmed, i was going to blog about it but i'm so tired. back from the doc's with not-so-good news, and went for a 1km walk with Eva to cheer myself up. sigh. plenty of updates next post.

    the bad-luck bug is going around.....grrr *year end blues*


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