Sunday, November 15, 2009

Edo-Kimekomi Dolls, Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM)

Edo-Kimekomi Dolls, Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM)
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i've posted most of the pics i took today on my flickr, go have a look see :)

bf wanted to cheer me up, so he brought me to the Singapore Philatelic Museum to view the temporary exhibit....

quoted from the website:

Edo-Kimekomi Dolls

12-14 November 2009, 9am – 7pm
15 November 2009, 9am – 12pm

For the first time in Singapore, 400 rare Japanese dolls which are handmade by 200 doll masters from Traditional Edo-Kimekomi Dolls Sachiei-Kai, Japan, will make a special appearance at Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM). The handcrafted dolls are dressed in exquisite costumes and depict various Japanese festivals, folklore and traditions.

Each doll requires an average of two years to complete. Edo-Kimekomi Dolls are historic Japanese dolls dating back to 370 years ago, and are certified as a traditional artwork by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. This exhibition is jointly presented by SPM and Traditional Edo-Kimekomi Dolls Sachiei-Kai, Japan.

it was such a fun day! and so funny too. the museum is sandwiched between the freemason's 'clubhouse' and the registry of marriages, so he made constant jokes about getting registered while we were on our way there and back. > < ok so maybe i started it, i jested "Let's go!" and he, without hesitation said something like it's a saturday, not sure if it's open but would be interesting, it made me choke on the water i was drinking -_-" i thought it really cute and funny that he tried again while we were leaving and i asked "so where're we going now?" and he said "i thought we were going to register?" -_-""""

it's something i want to remember, so i'm sharing it with you folks ;)

on to the bad stuff.


anyhoo. i was really down the past few days cos i got the results of the glucose tolerance test. it's not bad enough that i have to be medicated, but it confirmed the diabetes diagnosis. well. after 17 out of 32 (almost 33) years of my life of hypertension, and dad and late grandad and multiple granduncles/aunts dead due to diabetes related illnesses, it comes as no surprise. i am not sure how to feel about it still, the anger and frustration are over now, time for resignation and acceptance.

i'm sick of people telling me to watch my diet. i -have- been watching it very well thank you for the past 2 years, ever since dad was diagnosed. so i know what to avoid, what to do (exercise, etc), what to unless you know about my medical history, please, just assume that i am taking care of things, like i have been. i just have to take -more- care than usual. this news was inevitable, i guess all i'd been doing was delaying it.

/rant off

s'ok though. i guess i'm being my usual optimistic/pessimistic self by saying, at least i can still enjoy my mini 'sweets'. :-/

otherwise, i'm pretty psyched. bf bought all the stuff i need for my upcoming event. and i rolled out quite a bit of 1/3 and 1/4 scale sprinkles. dammit. those things are harder to make than it looks.

busy week ahead. thanks for bearing with me.

Cindy the Grouch


  1. Cindy, I know nothing much would probably make you feel better about your health now, but just wanna say, smile k! :) glad to have found a friend in you, and your boyfriend's so sweet! :)

    and you can always rant at me, just type away on flickr mail. i would read every single word of it, promise. :P

  2. Firstly, your little love story is sooooooo sweet! :) I know exactly what you mean when you say you are jotting it down for keepsake. One of those moments...

    And thank you for posting the pics of the dolls from the Edo-Kimekomi exhibition. You are right, I love them, especially the banquet scene. The rat-people walking towards the palace (I presume) reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. It remains my fav Miyazaki movies.

    I am sorry to hear about your health problems. My parents too have diabetes. Grandparents as well so it is a hereditary issue for me as well. BUT take heart, I know many people afflicted and they are doing well now with care.My mum eats raw petai (smelly beans which I love, but not everyday and it works wonders cos she measures her sugar level frequently. She gets absolutely irritated whenever we tell her to "watch the sweets" and one time she snapped at me and told me life's not worth living if you cannot enjoy a little of what you love without people hounding you. Wise words! And she said exactly what you did "I know how to take care of myself! Don't worry!" After that, I just trust her and let her indulge.

    I am also sure you won't let that stop you from doing what you love.


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