Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've got Mail!

I received my parcel from Asuka last week, but the weather was unco-operative, which meant my picture taking would be crappy, and my table was sooooo messy i put off taking pics cos i wanted to do her work justice! look at that gruesome eyeball drink! it would be perfect with my brain platter, i only realized it after i put away the lightbox LOL!

Thank you Asuka! they're soooo cute! XDand then.....i got my other package from Mariella! she had requested for a swap since these items were larger scaled than what she's used to, well, they're mostly 1:6 or 1:4, but still! i hope to be able to use them soon....will update on that....

i was particularly excited about this set, as i was agonizing over how to display my 1:4 scale items...the 'uneaten' eclair is definitely too large for this plate, but the rest of the items seem to fit perfectly! WOOHOO!
and look at what she included LOL 40 reasons why little dolls are better than BIG ones! i agree with ALL of them! i think she's covered all the bases though, i can't think of any more > <> < ok so here's the lightbox i bashed together to take these photos. i originally made it with A4 paper covering the sides, but that didn't allow enough light through (i have a crappy ikea light that broke while taking the previous batch of pics), so i replaced it with some plastic sheets that i got from Daiso...and then covered the flaps with aluminum foil in case i needed more light reflected onto the objects..TADAH! not bad, huh!

oh, and those postcards were purchased when Asuka exhibited at STGCC :D i love love LOVE them! and they're autographed too ;) MWA HA HA


well, also, here's an update on what i've been up to. i experimented somemore today, and spent a full hour conditioning clay -_-" Dango. the pink is supposed to be at the tip, and white in the middle. also, the skewer is too short :(

> <"| ah well! at least i don't need to gloss it further, KATO bakes to a nice sheen! i also experimented with new macaron shapes, but i messed up on the colour as i had used scrap clay. i quite like the new shapes, will try with a lighter colour tomorrow :)

i tried listing new items on my etsy shop, but it kept messing up when i tried uploading pics. i got so frustrated i gave up. well, at least the new cupcake cases are up for sale now, here's a sneak preview of what's new!

the cases now come with more frills! woo hoo! i originally wanted to keep them to 12 to 'fit' the cupcakes i made previously, but i wanted to test the far 16 is the furthest i can go for the neatest, most consistent results :(

and for those who are keen on attempting to make these yourself, here's a link to a tutorial....

go to the 5th link from's in Japanese but the pics are enough for you to figure it out :D

i don't make them this way, but i think this is the best i've seen so far! as to how i make's a secret ;) let's just say, it takes a LOOOONG time to make them, and i had to make my own tools :( so forgive me if i'd like to keep this one to myself for now ;)



  1. You lucky lucky gal! Those swaps are amazing :). I also like the light box you made. Been thinking of getting one done but am just too lazy. I am dying to see your brain platter!!!! Enough pretty macarons already. Show me some gore!

  2. ehhh you didn't see



  3. oh my, that reference site is amaZing. i just wish i knew japanese. :) and as for the off-scale items of your swap, those look just the perfect siZe for a stop motion film ;)

  4. hi ozlemakin! i LOVE stop motions films, but the sheer effort that goes into them...thinking about it makes me sweat XD

    you can always run it through an online translator like googletranslate (which is what i do) and -try- to decipher the text...sure it's not entirely comprehensible but i think the pictures speak volumes :D


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