Thursday, November 5, 2009

Japanese Sweet Treats

these took 4 hrs to make
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ok, thanks to Tomohachi, I've been surfing for more and more and MORE Japanese inspirations....and dug up (or did she give me this link?) this website....

i left it on my browser for almost a week before deciding to try it out today.

i think they don't look too terrible here, but they are. :( i definitely need more practice on these, and they're a PITA since they don't really 'stick' to the wire. so it seems i must make some prep work before starting on them the next time round.

since i rolled out too many 'dango', i decided to make some more wagashi. they don't sell very well although they get quite a lot of views, and finally, i sold 2 of the wagashi boxes last week! fueled by this encouragement, here i present my new wagashi..... and a mini flower 'dish'! i wanted to colour it but i don't think it's very nice yet (not very even)...

with the spare clay i made a 'chrysanthemum' wagashi....of course, this is going to be a mold for my future wagashi, they are so intensive to make X( i think it looks cute in the flower dish! like a little lotus flower?

the new dango look great IMO! i'm most satisfied with these. the sticks were fashioned from toothpicks, sanded, and i made them a little longer this time. i am still waiting on a reply, so i don't know if i should offer this on my etsy as yet...

ok i had food poisoning today, so i'm still feeling a little weak and nauseated....this is all i can manage for now...*whimpers and goes off to bed*


  1. Awww I am sorry that you are sick again. The gods are not good to you eh?

    I really like your new pieces. They are really chic and sleek. Keep up the good work!

  2. The dango looks sweet and yummy!!

    Me wanna eat them..

    =) Denise

  3. Thanks Betty and Denise!

    yeah, and i got my monthly curse today too...probably explains the 'episodes' yesterday...i still am feeling nauseated though....couldn't make it to the post office today and i have 2 parcels to send :(

    BLEH, when will i ever be 'healthy' for a stretch longer than 2 weeks???

    *shakes fist at the sky*
    (opps, maybe i shouldn't do that haha)

  4. O dear, 2 attacks? Must be horrible. I can't imagine how you manage to sit up and type. Good thing you did cos I must tell you, your sweets look great. Have you ever eaten one of these? They look mochi-like. I also love all your bowl and plate. I have real life ones like those! Yes, Daiso!

  5. Cindy, you mentioned you got a new lightbox right? these photos look wonderful! and i love the creations too, they're all so sweet and pastel-ly! heehee. are they made with polymer clay or airdry?


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