Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 12 scale fruit tarts....

1 12 tarts
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ok back to some smaller stuff. it's definitely trickier to make stuff smaller, but i enjoy it so much more than the larger stuff. which isn't to say i'm not having fun, just wasting alot of time learning new techniques....

here's some of my older works i never got round to photographing. orange and strawberry canes are new, and i'm pretty satisfied with them. kiwi slices are old, back when i didn't understand the importance and ratio of translucency in fruit canes XD

i need to add a sprig of mint to this tart, but i suck at making leaves, am still practicing! XD it shall have to wait a while more to be completed...

and some 1/3 and 1/4 scale raspberries. these took almost 2 hrs to make ; ; i've found that i can't use molds for these, all the details would be lost!


  1. Those pies are adorable. Haha.
    I have to say, I want a doll house now just because of you and all the beautiful things you make.

    And honestly, I thought those were real raspberries until I read they werent.

  2. tee hee oops, are you gonna make or purchase a dollhouse then? ;)

    thank you for the compliment! i'm glad they turned out reasonably well, i've only ever eaten fresh raspberries once :X

  3. I cannot believe those are not real raspberries. You mean you didn't use a mould then what?? How how how? They are perfect, NOT just "reasonably well"!

  4. Your very welcome! You deserve it!
    And Im think about making it myself.
    If I fail misribly I'll be buying one though. -nod-
    I might even try making some small scale furniture. :)

  5. ahah Sans, how? with grim determination and patience that i never knew i had XD

    fairywhiz, remember to show us your attempts! i LOVE w.i.p. pictures!


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