Thursday, November 26, 2009

More cupcakes, donuts and a new friend!

i'm driving myself crazy wondering how to price my work. all of the above are in 1:4 scale, the donuts are approx. 2cm across.

they are textured, dusted with pastels to show off detail, and after all the fancy stuff has been added, they're coated with varnish.

thing is, there are cheaper options available for cheap, anywhere from SGD$3.90-$5 on a keyring. but NOT at this size, NOT handmade, and NOT as detailed.

yet majority of locals have the impression that handmade goods are inferior and not worth paying SGD$8-10 per item, when you contrast it with the $5 keychain, or $4 eraser set.

what should i do? :(

that aside, i also made some 1:12th donuts, finally LOL i've been putting off making these because i keep forgetting to ;P ack. the colours make the ochre on the belgian waffles look so....unnatural XD

on a brighter note, bf surprised me 2 days ago with this! i'd been moaning about Yotsuba for a year before i got her, and whilst searching for her i found out that there was a Summer Vacation version, with more expressions and hands!!! OMG OMG!!!!
so bf secretly bought this online as an early birthday gift ^ ^ I LOVE IT! i really can't bear to open it, i know i will, but i also know a few fanboys who would look at me like i killed my dog if i did XD
speaking of my dog....LOL here's Eva looking all embarrassed...whenever she's munching on some random stuff (mostly her paw) i'll ask her to "Let me see" and she'll usually let go of whatever's in her mouth, or open wide for me to look into it.

this time, i called out to her for fun and she had no clue what wrong she'd done, hence the drooping ears XD XD XD poor girl. :P

note, her left paw is bald from her constant gnawing :(


  1. omg I LOVE your 1:4 food!! Sooo adorable!
    Those would look great as pendants or necklace, 2 cm isn't too big for jewelry!
    Anyway don't sell your stuff too cheap, handmade work is worth far more that plastic! And if your locals don't get it, then explain that each donut is a unique piece of art, whereas the plastic stuff is always the same.

    Cute Eva as well :)

  2. Yup i second what Stephanie said. and omg, shucks they aren't willing to pay $8 for this, then well, i can expect really dismal sales at the fair. :( and mine's 12th scale!

    i still think you should go work at J.Co! hahha, if you can do that beautiful intricate combing technique with something 2cm across, imagine what you can do with their donuts. HAHA! :)

    cheer up Cindy! just think of all those dolls you would get to see at the fair. :)

  3. I was looking at this post and my mother walked by and she asked me Which cooking site I was on this time because tose are some really cute cupcakes. She was quite frazzled when i told her they were clay! xD

    I can see selling those for more than 8! Especially in jewlery form.

    Have you ever though of advertising to the sweet lolita communities for your clay cuteness?
    Necklaces normally sell at ~15 on the egl community on live journal.

    You have an adorable puppy!! :D

  4. Stephanie! thank you for the advice, i sorely needed it. and i'm looking forward to your donut pendants XD i just wish i could have a ready supply of clay, i'm running low already (SO SOON!) due to the sizes of these 1/4 ughhh

    Jocelyn, i certainly hope i won't wind up working at, i can't imagine facing those wonderful sweet treats day in and out and not being able to eat them ; ; yea! i'm not upset about it anymore, i guess i was just frustrated at the negative response :P

    Fairywhiz, that is an absolute compliment! thank your mom for me! the cupcakes are definitely -not- going for 8, somewhere between 15-20 is what i was thinking. shall have to see...i don't know what egl is, i'll check it out when i have more time thank you!

    Eva thanks you all for the compliments ;P

  5. Such a cute doggie, Cindy!! Your donuts and jewelry look FAB!! I could SO take a bit of them,they look THAT good!!

  6. Eva says thanks!

    and thanks for the compliments Kiva, you're really too kind :)

    *note to self, GOTTA print those warning labels.....


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