Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1-3rd scale macarons

1 3rd scale macaron preview
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so. this is gonna be a sorta more personal entry. it's kinda related to minis i guess. but i'm gonna reveal more about how much of a klutz i am, as if you didn't know already, right?

so i got up at 6am due to the change in temperature (sinus issues) and since i couldn't fall back asleep, i decided to finish assembling the 1:3 and 1:4 macarons.

since i was starved of sleep, and rationality, i couldn't really concentrate on what i was doing. i experimented a little with different methods of filling the macarons, one of which resulted in my right pinky finger having a small blister, and a developing callus on the index finger.

sweet ol' ahma (paternal grandma) had been watching me hustle and bustle about this whole week, getting the display up etc, and she had expressed regret in being unable to assist me, so i decided to ask her to help me mix up the chocolate frosting.

look at her go! LOL thanks ahma! <3! eva had been wondering what got both of us laughing so hard, so she too came and tried to lick up the clay mix -_-" i asked grandma if it was fun, she chuckled (keep in mind she's usually this grumpy old lady) and said she didn't know how to explain it. subsequently, each time i mixed up more frosting, she tried to help me with it XD

anyhow. decided to take a shower, and ....

1) squeezed facial wash onto my toothbrush
2) nearly squeezed toothpaste onto my hand

and after i got out of the shower, i proceeded to spray my right shoulder with deodorant when i was trying to apply some liniment.

yeah. i'm exhausted. LOL

and i did a virtual /facepalm when i read an email i just received from the organizers that the event will only be for 4 hrs from 2pm to 6pm!!!!! AUGH!!!!! had i known earlier i wouldn't have tried so hard to rush out the stocks and display. well at least i know now that i should have more than enough stocks ; ;

REMEMBER, it's 19th December, this saturday!!!! tickets will be on sale at 1pm, come on down and say hi to us!

psst. it's also the deadline for my giveaway!


  1. hi ahma! ^^ be careful coz miniature can be addictive! LoL

    ah yes, so sad that it's only going to be 4 hours! :( i shouldn't have worried not to have enough stocks... but i do love your macaroons so much!

  2. your ahma's so cute!! and she looks like she's having fun in that photo! :)

    sighh bummer about the 4 hours too, im feeling a little cheated haha! not that i have too much stock, but the fee, boo! kk better not complain too much haha.

    and your macarons are fantastic can! :)

  3. Awww, I am sorry to hear that everything is compounding to make you feel even more sick than usual.
    (Psst, I do the facial wash thing all the time, so don't feel too bad! @_@)

    haha, your grandma might get started on miniatures too! XD
    All your stocks are so lovely, I'm sure they will get snapped up instantly!

  4. actually after first 2 hours dealers tables become quieter and everyone moves to their own corner at other end of the room

  5. Well you know, for someone clumsy your macarons are really cute! At least you're coordinated when it matters right? And I love your dog, he/she looks so epic and concentrated!

  6. That's so cute that your grandma helped you out. :) I have my grandpa working on a miniature fairy house for me right now. Such helpful grandparents. Lol. ;)

    Your display units look nice! I think it's neat how you have so many different scales to sell.... What is you most popular scale?

    Hope you have a great time on Saturday!

  7. thank you everyone! and ahma thanks you too ^ ^

    yea, i'm twitching from being stressed out all week, my lower inner lip is chewed raw too XD all that for 4 hrs??? WTH!

    yeah, i'm rather disappointed as well, but s'ok, live and learn!

    i hope you can make it, rest well ok??? i see you're as much of a space cadet as i am XD i'm not keeping expectations high, i don't even know if i'll make -any- sales :(

    wahhhh ; ; i kinda expected that people would move away from the booths after a while, but if it's only 4 hrs....ugh. ah well, i can always try and sell leftover stuff at DoA :(

    Eva thanks you too, but she's as equally clumsy as i am, constantly bumping into walls and table legs XD bf says she takes after me...

    ooooh!! i only asked grandma cos she seemed like she wanted to be involved :) i think they like being 'needed' ^ ^

    i don't know about most popular scale, i've only ever done 1:12 scale up till a month ago, when i switched to 1:3 and 1:4 in preparation for this event. so we'll have to see what the reception is like, so far it's not too bad, but....*takes deep breath* we'll see, we'll see.....i'll update!

    and yes! i am DETERMINED to have a GREAT time on saturday! ^ ^ thank you!


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