Monday, December 14, 2009

Display units for TDA 2009

display units - part 1
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i'm exhausted. i spent all of today working on these 3 units. reason why i took so long was that i had no clue what to make, so i hauled the mountain of materials/props that was sitting in the middle of my room into the hall, and slowly worked my way through it, seeing what i could make with what i had.

they're of no particular scale. the macarons and candy canes in the cylindrical jar are of 1:3 scale, and the canes in the cookie jar are an assortment of scales. i haven't even figured out pricings, i think i'll leave that till friday.

i still have many macarons to fill, i'm wondering if i should make the more 'frilly' macarons, but i don't know if i want to, as the macarons i see are mostly 'blockier' ? that and i'm lazy, the frilly ones take a lot more work and these are already rather labour intensive.

i'd originally meant the acrylic display to be for my 'manly cakes', but i ran out of materials.

and time. i'm wondering if i really need all that much sleep LOL!

OH YES! i also wish to thank all the lovely readers who have already participated in my giveaway! really, i'm overwhelmed by the response :O thank you for all the suggestions so far! and remember, the deadline is 19th December 2009 midnight (my time in Singapore) and if you haven't already, go to this link:

to stand a chance to win uhhh....a mystery gift! :P

back to the grind.


  1. u taking taxi there ah

  2. eh, i donno. if cousin can make it she'll give me a ride down (she's my booth helper ^ ^ ) but i plan to fit everything into an ikea storage box... XD so if cousin can't make it, i'll cab down :)

  3. I have just read all your Dec posts:). I feel as hectic as you did just reading what you had gone through. Poor thing :). But I love what you came up with for the display stands.

  4. thanks Sans! yea i'm still trying to recover from the event. i think i caught the flu, my bones were aching something horrible last night and this morning i'm still a little feverish. XD



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