Sunday, December 20, 2009

Event report: The Doll Affair 2009

First off, I would like to say, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to my generous customers and friendly faces I met today! I'm so sorry if i seemed out of sorts, i am, generally a rather....out-of-sorts person XD special shout out to SassyStrawberry for being my first customer! ^ ^ and i also want to apologize for not taking a pic of her beautiful booth, i swear i thought i did, must have totally slipped my mind when i got distracted chatting with you ; ; WAHH~~ well my blurry pics won't do any of her work justice, so go to her blog to see them :)

i will try and breakdown the events that happened today, oh boy it started out something awful.....

WARNING, long droning post ahead. with accompanying blurry pics. cos i suck even at PnS cameras. bleh.

7.40 am - woke up later than usual since i slept at 2 to finish up the signs/pricings. messed about with jewellery findings, which i should not have, since nobody even took a look at the charms :( Asuka called saying she's already there! :O we were expected to start setting up at 11!

10.30am - still standing by roadside desperately waiting for a cab

10.45am - cab company hung up on me after being put on hold while the 'system processes my request', apparently no cabs were nearby to pick me up from the rain that started at 10.35 ; ;

10.48am - rain stopped, called Asuka to whine about situation.

10.49am - flagged a cab -_-" cabby was chatty and friendly, i only started to get nervous as the cab turned the road to the drop-off point.....woah..?

11.05am - reached hall!

11.06am to 2pm - random blur events. cousin arriving and having to ditch her drink and smuggle subway sammiches (OH YES SUPPERTIME WOOT) in, journalist from local chinese papers with cameraman stopped by to ask questions all of which i replied in my usual rambly-nonsensical manner whilst trying to figure out how to complete my display. good thing cousin was there to help me set up or i'd never get anything done -_-" Jocelyn aka Aiclay WON!!!! i don't think she even realised it until i let out a whoop of surprise and joy that someone we knew won XD now she can have a dolly to make foods for XD LUCKY YOU i hate you and am so insanely jealous! imma sneak into your house and steal it....:P

i met also aki, terminal_insanity aka pecan demolisher, and i'm sure a few others also from sgcafe, again, i feel so apologetic for not being more available mentally and physically to catch up....i shall spam post in sgcafe LOL

since cousin did such a fabulous job, we went for a wonderfully satisfying japanese meal, my treat, and her first meal of the day (at 7pm :O ) ; ; i really felt bad about this. s'ok, i'll make up for it ^ ^

for a first event, i think it went fabulously well, i shouldn't have complaints, but i have of course, lessons to take away from this. this blog was set up to jot down my forays into mini-making and the adventures it has taken me to, and there's always some lesson to be learnt, right? biggest lesson i learnt was to NOT TAKE TAXIS FOR GRANTED. ok i'm kidding. but really, it shouldn't take me 1/2 hr to get a cab from a main road ; ;

k. i gotta keep positive. no griping. ok i'll gripe a little. nobody liked the sushi ; ; judging from the attention my wares got from the crowd, hardly anyone glanced at the sushi :O i was a little mortified since i'd spent so much time on them ; ; frankly, i kind of suspected it, since from various conversations i'd had with Madam Ang, the younger crowd tend to go for the pastries and pretties, the office crowd for gifts celebrating local cultures and hardly anyone went for sushi. paid heed, i did not ; ; but it was a challenge, and i enjoyed the process. and the macarons ahhhhhh i really wish i had more clay. which i shall have to remedy once i get some rest. i only sold 1 set, i guess i should have made them differently and in more pastel colours. but dammit all. i really am quite proud of the details on them. so there. :P

i'm going to take tomorrow off, and then finish up some orders for sales i made on my etsy. it's also going to be hectic next week, when i take photos of leftover stocks and prepare for some post-christmas sales. yea. this is just a reminder of what to do. oh and that interview with the local paper of course. HI YOU READING THIS! LOL oh boy, i pity her having to filter through my rubbish to get a coherent thought out of me XD i think she'd honestly have better luck with Asuka or Aiclay XD

eh i'm still rambling. HERE ARE THE BLURRY PICS. enjoy, and for those with lower bandwidths.....time to upgrade :X

uh. i checked the pics and i'm too tired to post them here. i'll post one of my booth (AHEM) and please CLICK HERE to see the rest! SORRY! i think the adrenaline has finally worn off. imma head to bed.

or here :P

if i didn't get the booth names right, please let me know, they changed the layout at the last minute so i wasn't sure and frankly i was really zonked out by the time i -had- time to take pics.



  1. did u meet my fren
    he said he went to haro u
    the hentai-faced uncle

  2. hey Cindy!! hahaha, shits i gotta get my lock changed then! :) it's like today i totally forgot about the doll (i'm gonna name her Ai!) until i saw the box, and there she was in her pretty outfit and gorgeous face. but seriously, im totally noob with dolls and never thought ill be owning one anytime soon.

    but anyway, congrats for all your sales k! :) i think you did fabulously well, and my friend who went over to see yours & asuka's table kept groaning about how mine looked so much plainer than yours, and that you've got fabulous displays. hahha, what a friend hor! but then, she was being honest. :)

  3. Naw, looks like you had fun at TDA! Pity I couldn't make it there this year - being stuck in Aus for Christmas and all. /curses

    Maybe next year! :D

    P.S I adore the sushi! (esp the maki ones!)

    Jme (from Flickr)

  4. You are such a nut! I love you! :)

    Sounds like it went fabulously well. :)

  5. <3

  6. Glad it went well for you! Sounds like it was a crazy but fun day! ;)

  7. @Sausage
    you confuse me LOL i'm still a little dazed from the event. are you signing off as 'the hentai-faced uncle' or are you describing 'your friend'? :P

    if you didn't bring your doll with you on the holiday, she might not be there waiting for you when you get back....MWA HA HA *evilest laughter in the whole wide world)

    btw. she is a 1:4 scale doll if you multiply her height. since she is considered a child, it would be weird to see a 180cm tall child (i was informed she is approx 30cm tall?)

    awwww yeahh!!! i will be back next year for sure...or at least if nothing happens to break this obsession meanwhile XD thanks for the encouragement on the sushi, but i'm definitely not making more next time round > <

    you know it! XD all this nuttiness would be lonesome without your fruitiness XD XD XD *blows kisses your way*

    you take such gorgeous pics ; ; thank you!!!

    it was! i'm still reeling over it! i finally woke up from my 4th 'nap' :O

  8. My goodness, you have hentai uncles visiting you and you did not even know it? You are pooped! I know what that's like, all that adrenalin and then when it's over ..can I even mention "mini making" without you puking? I saw your pics, the dolls are adorable. So's your display. You can do shows in mini fairs across the world with displays like that.

  9. Sans, you know how easily i get confused and distracted > < so it should come as no surprise that i don't notice people all that much XD

    i don't know about 'across the world' but as haphazardly as it was put together, i'm darned proud of my display XD it's my little labour of love! :)


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