Monday, December 21, 2009

customer photos :O

first set of miniature food
Originally uploaded by aki★aki

Thank you Aki! I believe you were my final customer that day XD you look rather frazzled too, your booth must have been quite abuzz with activity!

you can view more of Aki's beautiful photos and works (she makes beautiful BJD dresses) at her flickr , or her website

and thank you so much Cindy for dropping by with your friend too!! this picture is soooo cute, i <3 your crew ^ ^ and how sweet of you to mail me this was the first customer appreciation pic i received!

you can view more of her beautiful dolls at her flickr

Steph was my first customer! i'd already blogged about her in a previous post, but please please remember to go to her gallery...oh gosh such beautiful photos.....and look at how cute Asuka's sweets and bentos are in that tea party....the dolls definitely bring the props to life...not the other way round XD

you can visit her flickr and her website for more beauuuuuutiful photographs.....

(psst i kope the photo first hor, since you already commented with the link :P)

please do let me know if you've taken any photos at TDA, i would really appreciate it! and again, thank you all so much for your support! <3>


  1. such adorable photos with your amazing food!!


  2. Damn this TDA thing sounded really fun. Those cakes/slices of yours are gorgeous, and thanks for linking to Asuka's blog. I love her stuff but I didn't know she had a blog.

  3. thanks Stephanie and Tiff!

    yea it was sooo fun....Asuka's stuff is awesome!!! i'm so happy and proud of her *sniffles* LOL!

    actually, i probably have featured her on my blog least 5 times XD that's how much i adore her work XP

  4. Those dolls yours, Cindy? They are freaking awesome!

  5. no no Sans! they belong to the respective owners i've linked to in the posts XD they -are- freaking awesome!!!! i'm trying to sell as much as i can so that i can afford one SOON...i think i'm halfway there XD


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