Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sushi, I'm almost sick of making them

spent much of this morning editing photos to print for the event. i don't plan on making all that much stock, especially of the 1:3 items, and am planning to offer only at most 2-3 sets of sushi, might make more donuts though we'll see.


manly cakes LOL i don't want to just offer girly stuff!

this 1:3 cake slice was hell to make. it's hollow in the centre to save on clay, and you can imagine how much clay it already uses :( no way am i making more of these unless i'm commissioned to.

the crab stick is a little too large for the maki, i got a tad confused while going back on forth making 1:3 and 1:4 items, messed this up totally. i think it looks ok for a 1:3 scale maki, but there's too little 'rice' :( am waiting for the glue to dry on my 2nd try on these, will post pics when i can.

made some 1:12 petit fours a few days back while mucking about with the 1:3 ones. LOL it was hellish, they are barely 2mm wide....and i've never eaten a petit four in my life either!

the 'fishy' sushi rolls on sushi plates i made from wood clay. i couldn't find suitably sized plates, so these would have to do. only made i think 9 plates though.

for the lesser adventurous, here are the not-raw sushi rolls XD i tried making 1 set of cucumber rolls in 1:3 scale, and they are made differently than the 1:4 ones. i prefer the 1:3 rolls but they're a little tricker to make. i might make more if i have the time or inclination to.

and, a gift from my youngest brother! i was so surprised by it, he remembered that i love Totoro XD no special birthday plans, i nearly forgot what day it was until bf reminded me yesterday. which isn't something new, i tend to forget birthdates anyway XD


  1. "Have to do"?! I think those plates are adorable! Love the little flowers on them!

    Those cake slices are great! I love the black and white ones... They look sooo real with the icing on the top!

    Everything looks great! I wouldn't fret too much about the lack of rice in the roles with the crab. I didn't notice anything (other than how cute they looked) until I read what you said.

    And happy birthday! :)

  2. happy birthday Cindy! and your sushi looks WONDERFUL!! using those accent beads for ikura is clever, and looks TOTALLY realistic! though i haven't seen any around yet, boo.

    and kudos for making those 1/3 and 1/4 items, i BET they really took a lot of time, and they look really good. :)

  3. snow fern zeh zeh!!! the choco cake wib the white kerim webbing welly welly nice!!! really look real!! moi wanna have some choco cake now. keep it up!

  4. Happy Birthday! *hats horns & confetti*

    Your sushi looks great and the cake in 1/3 scale looks so real! For the sushi, is the seaweed wrap also clay? it would have to be paper thin.... and have you tried a California roll yet, where they are rolled into a 'cone' shape?

  5. What the hell is the scale of that?!!!Loooooove the sushis!
    And happy birtdday too!

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes!

    i lost the plates :( i spent almost an hr looking for them, you know how when you pack something important away so well you wind up misplacing/forgetting where you left them? ayup. :(

    they took ages! it was a steep learning curve, but given the time frame (1 mth) i think i did pretty well *pats own back* XD

    ALLO! diswan eat le will uplorry or i also will eat it. 0 calories!

    the seaweed/nori is textured paper that i helped myself to from bf's very cluttered bookshelf XD and yes! at the time of your comment it was just the centre portion that was complete, i'll update with the finished handrolls in the next post ^ ^

    LOL it's a mix of 1:3 and 1:4 scale. i have made 1:12 sushi before, i just have to go find the pics again -_-"

  7. it's amazing !! i love your blog. I have my packet, thank you for the gift !!
    Merry christams !
    Lilli Prune


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