Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Giveaway

Myopic Yotsuba
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

HI ALL! firstly i'd like to introduce Myopic Yotsuba. like me, she'd be blind without her glasses XD i got them from WhimsyCottageMinis! i know, i'm so easily amused ^ ^

ANYHOW, it's been a mad year, and as it draws to a close, i'd like to extend my appreciation to everyone who's followed my blog, dA and flickr, so here it is, a giveaway!!!

it'll be a mystery because i don't actually know what i'll be giving yet, but you can help me decide!

i have decided to do 2 giveaways, one to an international entrant, and one local. so how do you participate?

all you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me what you'd like to see me make more of. sweets, savouries, toys, veges, or even jewellery? i'm prepping myself for next year! LOL give me ideas!


p.s. only 1 chance per person per comment, ok? play nice!

you have up till midnight (my side of the world > <) 19th December 2009, and i will do the draw on the 20th. <3>


  1. Make photography accessories!! a mini dslr for Yotsuba will be sooo :love:

  2. siao sibo!! they are already available la! did you see the lomography keychain set? OMG <3

    i don't think i have that sort of skill to make objects with clean lines yet, but i'm working on it. ;) thanks for being the first participant, at least i know you're in Singapore!

  3. Harlow Snowfern~

    Lemme think... Minature... Headphones~

    If not... Some sort of minature Japanese/Chinese Styled garden =x

  4. Coool,

    I love your tiny candy and ice cream cones and sweet stuff in general.

    What would be a good challenge?... hmmm... miniature tamagotchis.... hih.

    I'm from Finland.

  5. Indian Food, Indian Food, Indian Food! I am from Singapore but my dolls are from India and they want (?)please chant after me...Indian Food, Indian Food, Indian Food. Although I must say, Kiva's are scarily challenging..*hehe, you up to it? :):):)

  6. Being an Aussie maybe some beach accessories like a bucket and spade for the beach or sunnies and sunscreen or beach balls and shells would be super awesome. <3

  7. I'd love to see some miniature toys, and savory food (although jewelry would be nifty too!)but realistically speaking--anything you make is ace so it's a win-win scenario! :D

    I've been a long time lurker and I'm living in the UK.

  8. You should definitely make some more sweets! I love the detail that you put into your sweets, and miniature desserts are my favorite :)

    I've been reading the blog for a couple weeks now, love it! (I live in the United States.)

  9. Hmmm.... a hot pink and black doilie, or a pale pink and pale green and white doilie.

    That's what I want, when do I get it? LOL! ha ha! ;)

    I'm from the land of the beautiful people. ;)

    Okay, I'm dreaming again.... ;)

  10. Ohoh more jewellery of minatures would be nice ^__^


    Ps. I love reading your blog so much! Your tips are really useful, haha maybe one day I'll get off my lazy butt and try them xD

    Stariearth @ deviantart

  11. You do such amazing things on such a small scale!
    I would love to see more miniatures of sorts as jewelry :) I love seeing interesting new things as jewelry, as well as cute sweets and cute things like that.

    I live in the United States.

  12. I looooovvvvveeeee your desserts! Of course, I love all of your stuff, I just love the desserts the mostest because I like eating the real stuff. Haha. ;)

    I love those mini mushrooms you did... As you already know! ;) I like anything that could go well in a fairies world. Another reason I love sweets. Fairies do too. Especially macaroons. They love those! They also enjoy munching on little tea pastries. And lot's of cookies. And cupcakes.

    (Can you tell that I am forcing my own personal likes and dislikes upon the poor fairies? lol)

    I do not want to see you make more jewelry. Why? Because it hurts me to see a peg or hook sticking out of such a little masterpiece! Knowing me though, if I actually wore jewelry, I would love it. Even with the hooks sticking out, they're amazing. ;)

    I am in the United States. :)

  13. wow what great responses! thank you and keep 'em coming! still a while aways till 19th Dec ;)

    a re-post from another post lest i miss this one during the draw...

    Anonymous Jenny Wren said...

    I love your Petite Fours, they look soooo real, I love the tart ear rings too and can't wait to see the Christmas sweets.

    (Jenny Wren)

  14. I love everything you do! :D

    For a super challenge, what about a tea set? Cups, saucers, a pot and so on?

    Other wise I think Yotsuba needs a sacle army of rubber duckies! :D

  15. Oooh, bento boxes! And other Japanese food besides sushi, which I know you do expertly.Bowl of udon? Tempura? Did I say bento boxes?


  16. chinese food or dimsum maybe? i think it will be quite a challenge.

  17. Your miniature foods are so adorable - especially the macaroon towers!
    I would love to see mini toys. Classics like antique pull toys in animal themes (squirrel!) as well as some modern fun with a minature Wii console would be great.


  18. I love the colorful sushi. What should you make... cakes for me. I think every one has some great suggestions. I'm in the
    United States.

    Theresa N

  19. Not to be redundant, but I love all creations! I'm partial to mini foods of all kinds - even the jewelry.

    Cyndy in the United States

  20. I think you should make more savory things. You make too many sweets! Haha!

    Betty in the US

  21. ahhh... I can't think of what I like the most of your creations! I have to say I have such a sweet tooth and am partial to the sweets.. :) So, I think more sweets!
    I am in Florida, US
    Have a great weekend,

  22. I love all of your food, but was stunned by your duck picture and those toadstools! Random things like that would be awesome, but keep up the food! The doughnuts are amazing!

    [KY, USA]

  23. Hi! I've been following your blog ever since I saw your wonderful creations on SGCafe (which wasn't that long ago ^^;;)

    Man, what you do is amazing and your booth is something I'm definitely looking forward to during TDA. I think this year, I'm definitely going to spend more on miniatures o_O

    I so so love the photos you took with the 1/4 and 1/12 comparisons, they're so adorable ^_^
    I think for food items, making them complete with carrier bags, boxes and stuff would be awesome. As it is, you're tempting me to buy a box of dozen donuts like real donut shops.

    Cindy (SG)

  24. Haha, came here from SGcafe, since you plugged it there. XD

    I'd like to see more pastries and confectionery, definitely. XD I've got a sweet tooth. 8D (And my resin idiots do too~) MOAR BAKED GOODS AND DESSERTS PRZ~

    I agree that little accompanying packaging would be cute. 8D Donut boxes and cake boxes to put the pastries in~

    And of course, I'm in Singapore~ <3

  25. I love your sweets there very adorable. Oh and i live in Canada

  26. Toys+jewelry= toy jewelry definitely!! It'd be so adorable I bet :)

  27. mini Camera accessories(Digital Camera, Tripod)

    mini Computer Accessories (Laptops, mouse)

    if not you create your own character (like Yotsuba, but smaller scale and different facial features) then you keep making accessories for the character =D


  28. You definitely should do more of these lovely paper cupcake cases;-) ha ha!
    Seriously, the recent nut, puff pastry and petit fours stuff was really impressive:-)

  29. Oooops, I forgot, I am in France, but I am sure you knew that :o)

  30. What a great idea! I love your cupcakes. Maybe you can make mini individual tarts...
    I live in Canada.

  31. I would love to see your take on a set of cuisine - French, Italian, American, etc... It would be so cute to see you do a hamburger with fries and pickles or a plate of spaghetti with salad; how about escargot with quiche and brioche bread rolls? Your work is so detailed and looks so great that to see your interpretation would be so much fun!

  32. Oops! Forgot to mention that I live in the United States. :)

  33. Lunar New Year is coming so why don't you make some chinese cuisine? from dimsum to "ba-chang". i think that would be nice, not so many miniaturist have done it yet. ^^

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  34. I'd love to see more of the typically Asian sweets or toys....or anything Asian at all that allows me to become more familiar with your part of the world.
    BTW I live in snowy, snowy Canada.
    hugs Karin

  35. I would love to see you turn some of your miniatures into jewelry.

  36. I'd love to see some miniature toys! You're items are so freakin adorable!!

  37. Cindy (5th Dec comment) linked me to your site to tempt me to spend money at TDA this year ^^
    Besides more sweet stuff (chocolate~~~), I'd love to see savory foodstuffs maybe. Or mini toys ^^

    -is from Singapore

  38. Hello! :3 Thank you for letting me know you have a giveaway going on so I can try my luck too. ^^
    I think I'll mainly go with what my dolls would want. <3

    You already have some gorgeous cakes and sushi available, so here are some other things I'd love to see (and hopefully purchase).

    I'd love to see miniatures (mainly 1:3 sized oops) of coffee and milk teas. Coffee in little cups and saucers, with latte art in them! a reference image Oh yes, with little spoons too! Meep, these will be tough!

    I'm also hoping for some pastel/pretty cupcakes! another reference image.

    Thank you for reading this! :)

  39. Hey Snowfern,

    Here I am! Hehe, I think the most important for you is to make what you like and what passion you have in, in so,you're be able to make the best out of it and have the biggest satisfaction in it!

    I am fine with anything since I know you will be putting your best in every little tiny bit thing you be 'molding'. And I bet you will have your fair share of story to share behind the stuff you create.

    I wish you good luck and may your business prosper, especially for the upcoming doll affair event! See you there, I'll pop by buy!=)

    -Shuduck (shuhui)
    from flickr.

  40. Dear Cindy,

    Hello,being a fan of yours,u know I usually favour French snacks but for 2010,I would like to see Juicy Couture bowlers bag or fashionable bags,it will be cool for my blythes.And yes,challenge u to make matching coloured shoes or mary Janes.

    Joanne Teh(flickr)

  41. Sooo I would suggest more props like the little cupcake cases (yeah I'm bad but I love those). You could make little boxes or displays for instance, maybe even cake stands!
    And if they're just too time consuming you can use them in your photography :)

    Jewelry sells rather good (I know it) so maybe that good be a go as well. I would suggest you to make food from your country and food you love to eat (often it's the same)

    So I would just like to encourage you to make more food you love in real, it's often more simple to make it in mini.

    Oh donuts jewelry! All those incredible yummy donuts I told you would look great as pendants :) and then we'll swap :D

    ps: I'm from France in case you don't know

  42. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! the deadline has closed (well it did 44 mins ago) and i shall be doing the draw tomorrow when i figure out how to do it XD

    again, i really appreciate all the support, comments, critiques, compliments and suggestions....keep yer fingers crossed!


Thank you for taking the time out to comment! :D