Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little too many macarons

a little too many macarons
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like i've mentioned in my previous post, i made a few too many macarons -_-" here they are, i wish i had more white clay, i wanted to make more pastel colours :( ah well. have already made too much stock for a 4-hr event *stomach churls at reminder*

it's been a rather...relaxing start of the day. but it's not ending as well as i'd hoped ; ;

remember the sushi plates i made previously? (in this post) well i've lost them :( you know how when you really don't want to lose something, that you keep it aside or hide it so carefully you forget where you placed it? ; ; that's not my largest fear though. the last i recall of them was i took them out again to take photos and i think i might have accidentally dropped them into my bin and tossed them out ; ;

the hour i spent looking for them i could have made replacements, but i'm too tired and frankly, i'm sick of making stuff (for now haha) i just want saturday to be here so i can get it over and done with! ha! i want to go back to making 1:12 items! i've already missed the christmas rush on etsy! all for a measly 4-hr affair AUGH! but. i am DETERMINED to have fun on saturday, and knowing me, i will ;)

here's the california rolls i made in 1:4 scale. *takes in deep breath* tomorrow, i'll tackle the toughest bit of all this. PRICING OF ITEMS :(


  1. wow your crabstick looks marvellous! the shades are perfectly aligned! :) goodness if you haven't mentioned it, i think i would have forgotten about PRICING totally! EEKS. :(

  2. aw, so sad about your sushi plates. i still hope you can find it.
    i think we really do act like twins... i tossed some of my little jelly into my bin, and too tired to look for them too. T_T

  3. That stinks about your sushi plates! They were so cute! :( I would think you'd tired of making things by now!! I would be sick of it if I were you!

    I'm sure 4 hours will be plenty.... If people are going to come, then they'll be coming no matter how long it is. I hope you make lots of sales!! If not, you'll most definitely be able to sell whatever you have left on Etsy. I don't know if it's the same on there or not, but there's always a rush to buy things on Ebay AFTER christmas and new years... Not sure why. Christmas spending money maybe?

    I love the california roles!!!

    Oh... And you better price your items so that you're making money!! And not just the minimum either. You spent a lot of time on this stuff and it all looks GREAT so don't under price!!! Haha, listen to me. Once I start selling my furniture I'm going to need someone to tell me that too. ;)

  4. thanks everyone ; ; good thing i forget stuff and get over things pretty quickly....aiee. didn't matter anyway, nobody bought the sushi LOL

  5. 4 Hours!!! Shoot! And people pay to get in?'s not very long eh? Did you find the sushi? Ah mah melts my heart..give her a big fat hug for me. And a peck on her cheek.

  6. Sans, the rush was only in the initial 1.5-2 hrs. after which, most of the owners gathered in little bunches around the hall to catch up with each other. at least i know now what to expect next year!

    no i never found the sushi plates ; ; no matter, i never sold any sushi anyway. XD

    ahma is awesome la. if i kissed her she'd probably freeze up and wonder what's gotten into me. HA ! but i shall relay your sentiments to her in my way...the chinese way....FOOD! XD


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