Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cupcake molds

i work slowly sigh
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i work slowly. 1 week, and this is all i've done. sheesh.

cupcake & tart shapes

anyway. i'm working on making some cupcake molds available, i don't know if i should offer tart/cupcake molds as a set, or individually. they will be made out of silicone putty.

diameters of widest point from left to right:

0.8cm, 0.8cm, 0.7cm

base diameters, left to right:

0.7, 0.5, 0.5.

my cupcake liners fit the cupcakes in the middle and right perfectly. i will be making a new range available for the 'tart' on the left, and would be perfect for popular neighbourhood bakery buns too (at least, they are popular here in sg?)

what do you folks think?


  1. Hi!
    Your work is very inspring. I'm always reading your blog for all the good information that you're so generous to share with the public! And let me tell you that those cupcake molds will make the crowd go crazy! It's the right way to go. I love them.

  2. Wow, you did ALLLLLL that in only 1 week??? Amazing speed!

    Speaking of neighbourhood buns, if you are ever around Chinatown, near the Hock Lim hawker center, go visit a regular cakeshop, always with a queue. Very bad for you if you are on a diet but damn good if you want a raisin cheese bun fresh from the oven! I am not going anywhere near there till the 3 buns I gobbled yesterday are completely gone from my butt and waist!


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