Thursday, January 7, 2010

Experiment - Air dry clay (and yet again!)

ugh need to mix the clay more thoroughly
first try. you can tell i didn't mix the clays sufficiently. well ok maybe only those who work with air dry clay can tell better. click on pic to see notes i've added on flickr to the pic.
oh what a disaster
this one is a mega disaster LOL the white lightweight paper clay might have been a little too pulpy, but i think maybe MAYBE if i added more grace, it wouldn't flake and crumble when i slice into it?
getting better at slicing
this one gave the best results, but took the longest to dry cos i totally added too much water. at least i -think- i've figured out how to slice it decently. i used a razor blade for this.
more failed experiments
and i really wanted to find a way to do the frosting like i did for my donuts, 'cept air-dry style. this is a defniite failure. i mixed acrylic with white glue for the lower one, but i think the ratio was wrong and the acrylic dried up too quickly. the upper one was only marginally less of a failure as i'd added 2:1 water: acrylic, then a dab of white glue. still. no go. not as beautiful as the results i get with liquid polymer clay.

which would be tomorrow's experiment. :) wow 3 posts in a day!

oh yeah, these bases were made with the help and advice from Asuka but please don't pester her LOL! i literally mucked about with the clay, it got so messy i think more than half the clay went down the drain since it stuck to my hands and i got so grossed out i nearly gave up more than once > <

see what i mean by 'lots of failures'? man if i had documented all my polymer clay failures i'da given up a looong time ago :X


  1. Don't give up! Air-dry clay is my favorite medium to work with. It's awesome. :)

  2. thanks for the encouragement ; ; i made some sushi/rice and onigiri today with air dry clay, so far i'm liking it quite alot! i'm noticing it's a little more realistic with resin clay....hrmmmmmmmm

    you're really really awesome at it, me, i'm still learning so it's still a while to go before i decide if it's awesome or not :( so far, i'm liking it more and more, but we shall see when i get fresher stock of clay.... > <

  3. Cindy,
    What is the brand of air dry clay you used? Oh... I'm going to blog about you soon... just to get you mentally prepared....haha... ^_^


  4. LOL. i like watching ur experiments. hahaha. looking at other blogs, it seems as though the other crafters don't have failures.

    i tried doing lemon cane once, with luna and unknown brand of translucent clay, also adc. >.< epic fail. in fact, it was such a gooey mess. icky. yuck.


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