Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping busy

frilly and drizzled donuts
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

here's part of the commission i'm working on. i love the daintiness of the frilly donut. i have been busy trying to fulfill the order, since it had already been delayed due to lack of clay, and to add to the fray i've succumbed to the flu yet again ; ;

anyway, thank you all for visiting, and for all the congratulations i've received ^ ^ the article has certainly boosted views, and i've had a couple of requests to give classes, but i'm afraid i don't at the moment, and i think those readers might have mistaken me for Madam Ang XD XD XD (as Asuka so rightly pointed out, we do kinda look alike, maybe due to the glasses?)

more pics, cos they're less gloomy than my updates XD

side view
coffee donut
more donuts

what can you expect next? the ever popular macarons XD


  1. *bows to the power of the liquid-thingamajigyouuse*

    Too powerful! Love the frosting! Looks like real donuts from J.Co. I can smell the coffee too!

  2. i love your frilly decoration on the donut too! :) i tried icing some donuts today, and the entire process was so fiddly, URGH.

    and lol at the resemblance between mdm ang and you! now that you mention it, hmmmmm. :P

  3. i meant icing some cupcakes, not donuts. hehh. okay not that it really matters hur. right shall shuddup now. :P

  4. I don't think you 2 look anywhere alike! :) But I need glasses too :).

    Your donuts are gorgeous. By the way, do you bake IRL?

  5. awwshucks thanks everyone :)

    Sans, i used to bake only cookies and brownies since those are pretty idiot-proof, up until clayplay i'd never done any cake decoration in my life! i used to peruse mom's cookbooks and stuff while i was a child though, and i remembered wanting to try so very badly yet fearful of failing.

    i guess i must have grown out of that, i seem to have failed alot right into my adulthood....XD


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