Friday, January 1, 2010

here, have a bite

chomped into
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made these as part of a trade ;)

i'm not a very good keeper of secrets, and i have been harbouring a few of late. let's see what i can and cannot reveal for now... :P

1) giveaway prizes! i'm waiting for Hanna to receive hers before i can post pics, the local recipient has received his, and he has also showed me pics of the items, i'm glad he liked them! but since both parcels are different, well there are some similar items....if i posted them up here...the surprise would be half ruined? XD so...let's hope the holiday mail rush will abate i can post them up!

2) a secret gift...i'm not even gonna say who the recipient is. but yea. ;) i should be mailing it out tomorrow ^ ^

3) finally, i understand why i had quite a few orders from Spain XD i was featured in a spanish publication!

i believe the CDHM committee sent in an article that featured me? LOL if anyone has a copy, could you kindly scan the page and mail it to me? i would really really appreciate it!

4) CDHM has been really kind to me ^ ^ this month, they have a small feature in their new online magazine, and there's even mention of my pal Asuka ;)

5) another blog, had asked on etsy forums if any miniaturists would like to be featured, and a teamMIDS (HI TEAM!) member highlighted it to the rest of us...of course i'd jump at the opportunity! also featured are a few other teamMIDS members, just scroll down, on the left will be links to our etsy stores :)

the blog itself is also very fun-loving and informative. it's chock full of tips and tricks, interviews and features for those who are keen on setting up their own hand-crafted online-shops ^ ^ Thanks Donna!

6) then there's deviantArt. thanks Myntkat! the feature is for December, so you probably have a few hrs left to view it XD in the rush for TDA, this had completely slipped my mind.

7) there is that newspaper report....but i don't know when it'll be published. i don't even know how much of the interview will be published XD so it'll be an embarrassing laugh if it turns out to be only a 1-line mention, but WHATEVER!!! i just hope they don't use any pics of me :X

i have been a member of dA for quite sometime now, but up till miniatures, i've never really thought of myself as being able to create personal works of art (?) i still consider myself more of an artisan/craftsman, but as i gain more experience, i'm finding that i -want- desperately to find a personal style. i want people to be able to identify my works like they would Kiva's or Emmaflam and Miniman (Paris Miniature's) or Stephanie's (Petitplat's) or Kim Saulter's or Mercedes (liberty biberty?) or ....omg the list is loooong....! there are so many new friends i've many other miniaturists i've yet to 'discover' many yet-unlearnt-techniques, and old ones to master!

i do not make new years' resolutions, but i am determined to make this year more fun and eventful than the last! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR FOLLOWING ME ON MY JOURNEY! and for your support this far ^ ^

(man, this post looks like i'm tooting my own horn. it's supposed to be a milestone/dedication sorta post....AH WHATEVER! :P )

Cindy aka Snowfern Clover ^ ^


  1. Jee. Brag much? Haha!! I'm totally kidding! Congrats on all that stuff! And I can't wait to see what those lucky winners received. ;)

    That's funny you were featured in a spanish publication without knowing it! Aren't they supposed to let you know?

    Oh.. Can I let you in on a secret? ;)

    You have a VERY recognizable style. You just can't see it! Because, I really can't see MY style when it comes to pet photography, but according to the workshop I attended, my style is extremely recognizable. So, don't worry. Just because you don't think you have a style, doesn't mean you don't. You do. I'd be able to look at mini foods and tell people which was yours.

  2. haha Alexa! i know. i'm paying for it, so far, 2010 has been pretty sucky since this post XD I HEXED MYSELF!! AUGH!

    i think cdhm submitted something i posted, i don't even know what though. meh, it's ok, seems the wave of orders has subsided and i'm back to being uh, sales-less and experimental to pass the time > <

    your photos are beautiful :) and you're really, too kind with your comments XD i know my work is still very VERY raw. i have much yet to learn. i'm working on it :X

    *slogs away at minis*

  3. Whatever the jinx, let me say, I am so darn proud of you, Cindy . It is no mean feat to be featured in Miniaturas. You have put Singapore miniaturist/artisan/craftsman on the map. You and your friends from here. That's something, my friend!


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