Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Experiment - Air dry clay (again)

loving the texture hating the wait
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i'm loving the texture of this. but i hate that i have to wait 2 days or more for it to dry fully before further manipulation.

the white 'rings' are 1:3 scale donuts, i used a mold that i got from Kinokuniya. they were a mix of approx 1:1 grace:hearty white (thanks Asuka!), and i don't remember the ratio for the other layer cakes since my resin clay had somewhat hardened and i was so sleepy i simply mucked about with the clay.

i'd stayed over at Asuka's place, and we spent most of the day chit-chatting about miniatures (what else?) and me, making a mess of the clay XD it's so messy and hard to manipulate since i'm quite used to polymer clay. so i was in various states of amusement, enjoyment, and annoyance XD i have a few ideas in my head for these, but really, i seriously doubt i'd be taking a leap from polymer to air dry clays.

well. i've calmed down somewhat from this morning's enraged state (yea, that's me, enraged LOL i'm 'as mild as milk' as a friend once put it) but now i don't know if i should do anything about the situation i'm in. after all, i'll be busy this month with doc appointments and checkups (just got back not long ago from taking grandma to the doc's too) so maybe this shall be the month of clay-less play.

i did so look forward to accepting commissions, i have already 2 requests and i've told them i refuse to accept commissions until i have the clay in hand. luckily, the one fully-paid commission i have comes from a very understanding and patient customer/friend, and although i have no hard deadline for it, it fills me with a sense of dread knowing i owe someone alot of stuff.

*takes in deep breath*

i guess i'll work on my next experiment. oh and btw, anyone notice anything different about my flickr acct? ;P

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