Monday, January 25, 2010

more strawberry canes

utter fail LOL
so, the current commission calls for a coupla strawberry slices, and since i ran out of 1:4 ones, i had to make new slices. i tried making them a different way, yes, another failed experiment XD look at how disgusting it looks! thank goodness it's just the one slice, baked.

new strawberry canes baked
i can't take a good pic of the new slices. these 2 were test slices to see if the colours worked before i bake up the rest of the canes. actually, i think i'll refrain from baking them till i need 'em. need to store them safely out of the way though. it's slightly more translucent, and since i hadn't sliced these thinly (the ends are a bit wonky) i think the thinner slices would be perfect.

pre baked in 4 sizes
letting these rest now before i slice into them. the largest will be reduced slightly to 1:3, as with the 1:4, some details are lost on the 1:12 but that can't be helped. definitely a difference when making larger vs 1:12 canes. with 1:12, the lines used should be thicker upon assembly so as not to lose all the details after reduction. maybe if i can take a better pic, the lines would be visible on macro mode, but not to -my- naked eye.

still, am happy with the results of this cane. i'm tempted to make more in different shades etc, just so that i can avoid making these for a loooooooooong time XD

took me total of 6+ hrs (including the 2 hrs wasted on my first disastrous cane) to get these few out. i'm glad they're out of the way HA!


  1. If you didn't tell me you don't like the one you made in the 1st pic, I wouldn't think it was a disaster. But I think it is good to know what "good" means to an artisan of some standing :). Why s everyone making strawberries? Is it for Valentine's Day?

  2. oh man Sans, stoppit! LOL i'm really undeserving of the praise. i want to be an all-round miniaturist, and so i know i'm FAR from being an 'artisan of some standing'. even the term 'artisan' intimdates me, but yea that's a skin i'd like to grow into some day ^ ^

    as to the strawberry craze....yea i suppose it's a valentine day thing. i make these as and when i have to fulfill a commission, they're too time-consuming to make 'just for fun' XD


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