Thursday, January 7, 2010

Experiment - Air dry cake art

i think i'm almost there

*feeling pleased with self*

am waiting on these to dry before glossing, let's see if i can then consider this a successful experiment!

can you guess what i used for the frosting/icing? no prizes, and i will never reveal what it is, but if someone figures it out i'll definitely let you know ;)


  1. Fabric or window color glass paint? :)

    The most extreme I can think of is liquid paper or blanko... or white kiwi polish.

    But they look great enough to eat! Nice job there.

  2. ahh ha ha nope ;)

    farrr simpler than that ;) MORE GUESSES PLEASE! XD

  3. Nail polish, maybe?

  4. not nail polish, but there's an idea! :O :O :O

  5. liquid polymer clay + colour pastels??


  6. Hi Marga!

    afraid not! these are air dry, liquid polymer clay requires baking :( i use the liquid polymer clay + pastels for my usual works, wanted to try something for my friends who use ADC! it's a semi-failure anyway :(

  7. Let me see...did you use an air dry gloss...It looks like my Sculpey glaze...with some acrylic color added to it. It's has a really nice gloss and rich deep color ;)

  8. i think i knw! acrylic paint/oil paint with some craft glue/pva glue. XDDDDDDD


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