Sunday, January 24, 2010

Macarons, macarons, macarons

macarons altogether 3
the macarons are done! i still need to tweak a couple of them for finer detailing, but here they are!

macarons altogether 2
they are in 1:4 scale, no more than 1.3cm wide. heights vary of course.

macarons altogether
none of the ideas came from me, wholly from my customer :) i think she's shy but she has kindly given me permission all this while to document the progress....

side view
i find it hard to decide which ones are my fave. what about you? ^ ^


  1. I love them all! :D

    As soon as I get Almond paste Im acctually going to make macarons.

    Thats going to be fun~

  2. Thanks Chun, Teresa and fairywhiz! ^ ^ my customer will be very pleased to hear your comments too!

    Fairywhiz, ooo i find macarons to be too sweet for my tastes, perhaps i'd like yours though, i love almond-flavoured foods :P

  3. hahaha, I also don't like macaroons. Thank goodness! :) But yours are just amazing! Thee pictures are so cheerful, maybe you should sell posters of your work :)

  4. hhaahah they only look good cos my customer requested for them. she's got a keen eye for details and colour co-ords that i can only dream to have. but i guess it helps build up my portfolio XD

    eh, i don't take good photos, don't know how to either, so i'll leave it up to my photographer/customer *AHEM!* maybe then i'll start selling postcards or summat heheh. alot of things to consider ley, and i'm a terrible multi-tasker :(


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