Sunday, January 17, 2010

macaron disaster

trying to get a good pic
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can someone help me with this?

i've found that for my larger items, there tends to be 'bubbling' on my clay. see the surface of the chocolate macaron?

i mean it's realistic and all, and i know some miniaturists -want- the effect, but i find it immensely annoying as it is not visible on first bake (the macaron shells have to be baked first before adding the 'filling'), but after i assemble the item, it's MARRED. *$@)(*#$

honestly, it does not look all that bad IRL, maybe i shld use soft focus for my pics *sigh* but ARGH!

i suspect it has to do with either the stock (happens only to my older clays) or how i roll the sheets (pasta machine, usually just once through)


more pics, sigh.
choco strawberry
piggy tail
at least i'm quite satisfied with the shapes....

colour frustrations
oh and i am terrible at mixing reds/pinks/greens. the pain, oh the pain. the above are just part of the test batch. bakes out differently than when mixed. @)$*#&


EDIT: OK nevermind i figured it out, cross-posted over at CDHM....

i think it was due to my not pre-heating the oven, not the techniques or the oil paint...i've used oil paints in most of my previous work to no noticeable detriment.....

this time, i experimented 2 ways:

1) old method, roll out, cut, shape, bake WITHOUT preheating oven
2) pre-heat oven, roll out, cut, shape, bake WITH PAPER COVERING clay

spot the difference
1) LEFT: still bubbly

i think the oven probably overheated since it wasn't pre-heated, and blistered the clay. so for those who want the texture, go ahead and do what i did XD




  1. I love all in one post like this- the process, the mistake and then the remedy. Thanks for the heads up on pre-heating the oven.

  2. you're welcome :) i've always -tried- to pre-heat my oven, but lately due to randomness of my claying time (random real life stuff keeps interrupting), i haven't had much opportunity to really SIT DOWN and clay properly. i tend to keep the oven running as i clay, to keep it warm :(

    ah well. at least i figured it out, phew!


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