Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introducing: Ginger Ward via deviantArt

this tiny copic marker first caught my eye. i thought, "Hey, re-ment does this too?" and Oh noooo noo NOO it's in 1:12!!!!

and then i saw these, and i'm like *faints*

i've never seen these IRL before, but they look scrumptious....

i don't think i've ever heard of choc acorns before, now i want me some......

AND these DARLING SNOWFLAKES have GOT to be my faves. AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL! i wanna make me some. definitely nowhere as gorgeous as these, but imma die trying. i knows it.AND this is the most amazing of all. LOOK AT HER DOILIES. just LOOK AT THEM. HAND CUT. INDIVIDUALLY.

i think she's a rising star. no wait. she -is- a star. i'm glad to have stumbled across her works, she's new to dA and i hope you all hop over and give her some warm wishes! i'm working on getting her to set up a blog ;) tee hee hee!

i'm still trying to compose my senses. i can't believe such a talent in both miniatures AND photography has been hiding all this while. SUCH A SHAME!


  1. Wazzat???? Those pens, are they for dollhouses or for human with small fingers?? The desserts are real? Can eat? Are they all 1:12?

    Even if not, they are gorgeous! Wow! So are her pictures.

  2. XD Sans!

    the COPIC marker is a pretty common item used by artists i think? i have seen it from time to time whilst browsing for materials, so i recognized it instantly. much "Squee~!!!" ensued. XD

    they are all 1:12 i think!!! go look through her dA (i've linked it)! i think her work DEFINITELY deserves more attention!


    Happy Holidays Cindy!

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