Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd Giveaway!

2 fruit tarts, icecream cone, doily and wagashi set

OK! as promised, here's the items you stand to win for the 2nd giveaway! it's really simple, since it's just a thank-you-for-reading-and-following giveaway ^ ^

all you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me what's your pet phrase, and how you came to use it :P yea it's silly i know, but i think the phrase that i tend to use a lot when i'm feeling silly is "how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood", and i believe it's from a lucasarts game "Monkey Island". i just like how it rolls off my tongue XD

what's that got to do with minis, you ask? NOTHING! that's the fun and irreverent bit of it all!

and thanks for following! 106 and counting....the past year has been a blast and now as i move on to my 2nd year of minimaking, i hope for happiness and PLENTY OF FUN while doing this ^ ^ the draw will commence on this Sunday afternoon (or eve, if i'm out, my side of the world)

7th Feb 2010


(oh yeah, i'll also add in some cupcake liners just forgot to take pics of them -_-"" bah i have pics of them everywhere anyway.)
((i don't care if you've won or participated before either, it's free-for-all ;) ))
(((edited date cos i'm flaky and do not know how to read calendars XD so far the responses have been hilarious!!!)))


  1. 1 2 3, 3 2 1
    snowfern jiejie lumber 1!~

  2. My pet phrase is LOL? ^^; at least online :P LOL!

  3. wahhh!! you 2 damn fast ley!!! good luck good luck!!! ^ ^

  4. oh maiiiii....

    "how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood"

    is my fave tongue twister ever!
    (it's the only fast thing i can say without curling my tongue too much) XP

  5. snowfern zeh zeh!!!! :love: :love:

    moi pet phrase is "seksi legs!!!" cuz it is wat motivate me to keep on running.

  6. If you remember, my pet phrase is "Ali mali ka tak hee chew liak hei"

    I say it when i dunno what the hell the person is talking about! kekeke...

  7. Muahahahaha... I'm here for ANOTHER TRY~

    My pet phrase these day is... Such is life~

    Copied from my officer. Thought it's a very apt phrase for many situations~

  8. *delurk* I don't really have a pet phrase... except for a long while I kept calling the guy in my club Ah Boy during rehearsals...

    I call my dolls Ah Boy and Ah Girl too... ^__^;;;

  9. These are beautiful, would love to have them.
    My phrase is: Blessed is he who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches.

  10. Use a lot in my emails because I like the meaning of words.

  11. my frase is in portuguese and it goes like this 'tu queres so que ainda nao sabes' (you want it. you just don't know it yet!)

    i really use it alot when someone says no to something...=P

    some years ago i had a pet word...i would say 'basically' in so many phrases...that people started telling me that and i stoped xD

  12. Than you Cindy for the giveaway. My pet phrase... being a Genoese it could be "Belin". I'm sorry I cannot translate it, at least not in public ;o) Rosanna

  13. Here is mine:
    I slit the sheet, the sheet i slit.

    Very fast???
    This made me LOL

  14. Online, I write the "XD" face way too much. But irl, I tend to say "fml" out loud a lot... which is rather inappropriate, I admit, but I say it at very silly times. Like when I drop something.

  15. Hmmm, pet phrase you say?

    I have many, none that really come to mind except:

    Whatever Floats Your Float (made this up for a story, and just kept using it xD)


    Rule #1: Starie is always right Rule#2: When Starie is wrong, refer to rule #1

    Made up just for giggles xD

  16. And wait, sorry to post again, you mean the 7th of January right? xP

  17. I'm not sure... I suppose I say "I'm the best I am at what I do, and what I do isn't volleyball" (or whatever I happen to be doing at the time) quite a lot?

    Your tiny food is lovely!

  18. "I'll beat you like a red-headed stepchild!" is one I use a lot.

    Love your items, trying to get that good with polymer clay. Failing >_<

  19. Can't think of any right off hand that wouldn't sound corny to everyone else. Love reading the others.

  20. The items are adorable!

    My pet phrase is kinda lame xD I always say "Well that's life" Rofl.

  21. My pet phrase would be "RAWR!" or "Aroo?".

  22. Love your works! My pet phrase that I've been saying a lot for the past few months: "Just another day, and life goes on!". It's a cold winter so nothing much exciting is going on.

  23. "Shoot me NOW!" (when work is getting to me as it often does these days). LOL

  24. Hi Cindy (:
    I've always had this phase in my mind after inventing it when my friend told me that exact phrase a while back(:
    Its "How much soup can a Sarah slurp if a Sarah can slurp soup? A Sarah can slurp as much as she wants especially to slurp her favourite soup" :D
    It doesn't really rhyme but its my favourite pet phrase. I love drinking soups :)
    I really do enjoy looking at your minis (: Especially the pastries and donuts :D

    Sarah Ho

  25. Heya! :)

    My favourite phrase is not the most original one, in face a couple of people say it too.. But my fav phrase is "LOL", that's why my username on DA is lololollipop LOL :)

    Anyway, that's how significant LOL is to me HAHA :)

  26. Mine is "So that explains it."
    cause I'm out of the loop very often! *.*

    C'est la vie...

  27. One of mine being from the mountains of Kentucky, and having no idea what it means is "Can't never fell in the river."

  28. "Such is life." I say it ALL THE TIME, even when I shouldn't. It's like an addiction.

    But, hey... such is life.

  29. I tend to say, "Waste not, want not."

    Not very original, but in a world when people just can go and buy more, it works. I'm such a pack rat and like to keep anything that I might be able to make something out of... so that's why I say it.

    You have nice work. I wish I had the time to do such neat little things. I'm actually considering doing minitures/doll house things for my school concentration next year (something my high school does for art students).

  30. harrow snow fern zeh zeh...

    moi pet phrase ish... "帮个忙" aka "help lah"... s22

  31. I find myself saying 'smeg' a lot nowadays - it's a curse word from an old sitcom called Red Dwarf.

    Besides that, I think my catchphrase would probably be something like 'Always look on the bright side - things could be a lot worse!' (I'm trying to be more optimistic nowadays. ^^)

  32. Mine is: "oh,you little pig:)"
    have a nice day...

  33. My pet phrase? "Shoot me or I will you!" Ok I made that up . I use it so that I can stand a chance to win this giiveaway :):):)

    Anyway, won so many of your wonderful things already. Let others win !

  34. Mine is "Internet LOL internet" ~<3

  35. Thank you all for participating! ^ ^ i will be compiling the names now, and will reveal the results in the next post :D

    dang you lot are funny :P

  36. Mine would be "Take me with you! I'll give you cookies!"

    I started saying that when all my friends graduated because I was a year younger (and not graduating yet)


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